8 Effective Ways to Stay Ahead of Your Competition on Social Media

Finding it difficult to market yourself on social? Check out these 8 effective ways to beat your competition on social media.

ways to beat your competition on social media

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Running a business can be challenging. It takes an awful lot of dedication, hard work, motivation, and persistence on your part. With so much unpredictability in your business process, one of the leading causes of concern is your competitors. This is especially true on social channels. If you’re trying to market your business on social, but feel overwhelmed, this post is going to lay out 8 super effective ways for you to beat your competition on social media.


In fact, they stand between your business and your ability to make sales. Now, taking into account that they’re a threat to your business success, as an entrepreneur, you need to take the right actions on how to deal with them.


Beating Competitors Via Social Media

With the rise of online advertising and the benefits that it provides your business, many business owners are now tapping into various social media platforms to leverage these perks. For them to do that, some consider buying followers on Instagram or even likes. 


But what are the most effective social media strategies you can use to beat your competitors?


1. Conduct a competitor analysis

One of the best ways to beat others in your niche or industry is to run a competitor analysis. 

By working with a reputable social media service company, you could go through all of your competitors’ social media channels and see what they’re doing as well as the things that they’re not doing!


You can even take it up the notch by subscribing to their newsletter and then using that information to create a solid baseline for your social media strategy. 


2. Establish your unique brand voice

Another effective tip for beating your competitors on social media is establishing your brand voice. A unique brand voice is one of the most important aspects of creating a solid online presence. 


Without a brand voice, you have no brand, which risks your online reputation. That’s because it’s harder for your target demographic to differentiate you from the rest of the pack. You must create a solid brand voice to tap into, selling your brand’s personality. 


3. Generate a viral content strategy

Everyone talks about how to create viral content. Despite that, predicting which content can go viral can be hard. 

Fortunately, you can still boost your chances by sharing content your audience loves to view and share. 

Here are some tips: 

  • Curate interesting and unexpected posts
  • Come up with content that has a positive view or has humor
  • Make it emotionally engaging
  • Come up with trending and informative content


4. Learn from customers

It would be best to study your customers’ actions as you collect information about them. Make sure that you know why they’re buying from your competitors and the type of content they want to engage with the most. 


Moreover, your customers’ needs may vary depending on the geo-location or region. Thus, the data you get from studying your customers will provide the information you need to use in your business’s social media strategy. 


This allows you to stay ahead of the pack, expand your horizons, and even explore various marketing tips you can apply to your business. This is a great way to beat your competitors. 


5. Use content creation software

These days, you have a sea of choices when it comes to content creation tools that you can use. No matter your marketing goals, you’ll eventually find the right one that fits you. 

Content creation software also helps you save time and money that you might otherwise spend creating and resizing your creatives.


An AI-based content creation software allows you to make tweaks automatically to distribute them on various social media platforms efficiently. A great tool like SocialBee’s AI-assisted social media post generator also lets you write Instagram and Facebook social media ads, so you don’t need to hire professional copywriters.


6. Consider the platforms you use

Social media marketing takes time. So, ensure you opt only for a few platforms and dedicate enough time to each. If you’re a start-up, it’s an excellent idea to keep your platforms to a maximum of 3. 


Let’s say you’re a clothing brand. For the first few months, you may opt for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to draw in new customers. Remember, the type of social media platforms you choose will also depend on your target market.


6. Connect with social media influencers

Social media influencers let you attract new users to your brand. While big influencers will charge you large amounts of money, if you’re a small business, the good news is that you can still partner with micro or nano influencers. 


That’s because these people are operating in a particular niche and can provide you with a more targeted audience. 


7. Create quality visuals

Creating high-quality visuals is one of the most powerful marketing tactics that you can use to stand out from the competition. This is because visuals are easily digestible and remembered. 

For instance, you can tap into infographics to generate engagement. That’s because people tend to follow visual instructions 323% better than written ones. 


8. Measure and analyze

Like other parts of your business and marketing strategy, you must have clear social media goals, constantly measure your growth, and adjust accordingly. 


While it’s alright that you only have basic metrics like your audience or activity, especially if you’re growing your following or activity level, you still need to improve in those areas. 

At the same time, make sure that you’re also measuring engagement and other important metrics that will help you scale your business over time. 


Wrapping It Up

So there you have it. As we said before, the competition in the ecommerce industry is intense, and to stay in the game, you need to know your competitors, study them, and analyze their moves. Building a solid social media presence is one of the most effective ways to stand out from the crowd. 


In the same way, you also need to know what are effective social media strategies and how you can avoid making the mistakes your competitors did. By listening to the needs of your customers and by applying these strategies, you can increase your sales and overtake the competition.