How to Stand Out as a Social Media Influencer

Have followers? Lacking engagement? Learn how to stand out as a social media influencer to harness the power of your audience.

How to Stand Out as a Social Media Influencer

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Are you interested in becoming a social media influencer?

If you already have thousands of followers on social media, you may need to know how to attract more followers and keep your current followers interested.

It’s important to keep a few factors in mind so you can stand out against your competitors and build a solid brand. Keep in mind that the stronger your brand is as an influencer, the more you’ll be recognized and paid for the endorsements you participate in.

It’s not always easy to get noticed when there’s so much competition on social media. Previously, being a social media influencer meant posting content regularly, but this may not be enough anymore. You’ll have to find a way to be interesting and engaging if you want to be well-known as a social media influencer.

Being an influencer can certainly be a full-time job once you start getting several long-standing endorsements, so you’ll have to use the right strategies to ensure you maintain your position.

Here are some creative and practical ways you can stand out as a social media influencer.

1. Stay In Your Niche

When you have a niche, you’ll get noticed as an influencer on social media.

It can be difficult to describe or clearly define your niche since your lifestyle isn’t always classified as a niche. Think about what you post the most.



For instance, if 70-80% of your content shows you preparing vegan meals and snacks, this would be considered your niche. If this is your “specialty,” you should work to get the attention of companies that sell vegan food or offer healthy recipes. It also helps to know how to repeat a video so people can watch your content as many times as they need to get all the details they need.

2. Grow Your Online Community

Being a social media influencer means more than simply interacting with people when they comment on your post. Of course, this is still important, since you shouldn’t ignore feedback from your followers. In fact, you can build up your following by responding as quickly as possible. However, there is more to building your community.

Offer a variety of communication channels in case your account is blocked or the main social media outlet you use becomes defunct. You likely recall the popular social media outlet Vine, which made several influencers popular. After Vine had been intact for years, it shut down suddenly and all the influencers who were previously on Vine had to find a new outlet. This is why some bloggers are also present on social media, and influence tends to manage their page, as well as private profiles and groups.

3. Create a Media Kit

If you have great content on your channel and attract followers from various countries, you should hire a creative agency to create a media kit for you. You can present this media kit to advertisers you’d like to work with. If you’re serious about being a full-time influencer, you should make sure the media kit is as professional as possible. Include data to let advertisers know how many people you can reach, and highlight your successful engagement with your followers.

Your digital media kit should include a concise bio that highlights services you can offer, as well as a list of any campaigns you’ve managed in the past. You can also include some testimonials if you have them, prices for your services, and statistics for your audience and social media channel.

4. Self Promote (But Don’t Be Spammy)

Don’t spam groups who have nothing to do with your niche to get the word out about your social media channel. When you do this, you cause social media users not to take you seriously. People who see the message are more likely to ignore your “ads”, which will lead to a lower following and a lack of endorsement partnerships. In some cases, your content could be banned from social media if it is flagged as spam.

Instead of self-promoting without a system, make sure that you join groups that have something to do with the product or service you’re promoting. This increases the chances that you can add something of value to the conversations in these forums and groups. Make sure you repost any positive comments or feedback from people in the forum or from reputable outlets that are connected to your industry.

These helpful tips will make you more noticeable on social media in a positive way. If you’re seriously considering making a career out of being an influencer, keep these suggestions in mind so you can make the right connections to move your business forward.