5 Strategies for Social Media Community Growth

It’s hard to argue that the key to effective social marketing is having a community, here are 5 tips to help your social media community growth.

Social Media Community Growth

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Every company has aspirations to one day be listed among the Fortune 500 corporations. Having stated that, it becomes imperative for organizations to discover strategies for rapid expansion. It’s hard to imagine any of that happening without social media anymore. After all, social media gives your company a fantastic opportunity to reach billions of consumers that are actively using the platform and create your own community.

So, what are the keys to social media community growth?

I mean, we all know that the most well-known businesses have one thing in common: they all have sizable social media communities with whom they actively connect. The social media followings of National Geographic, Spotify, GoPro, Nike, and Starbucks are all large.

The problem is — you’re not a huge company that already has a following. You’re just starting out and building a community from scratch. The focus of this post is going to be how you can really get your first 1,000 and then 5 to 10k loyal followers.

There are two important factors to keep in mind throughout all of these strategies; the first is that you have find a way to carve out growth on social media and equally important is making sure that the community sticks around.

Client loyalty and retention are more crucial than new customer acquisition, after all. “Loyal clients, they don’t just come back, they don’t just suggest you, they urge that their friends do business with you,” said Chip R. Bell. These phrases perfectly capture the influence of devoted consumers.


Building your social media community is essential for you if you hope to amass a band of devoted clients who aid in the long-term expansion of your company. Along with fostering client loyalty, your social media community also helps you become familiar with the new wants that your consumers are starting to have. This offers you the opportunity to change your current goods and services or develop new ones to address these needs.


A social media tribe or community will assist you in developing a distinctive brand.

Following our discussion on the potential of a social media community, let’s move on to 5 practical strategies for creating an amazing social media community.


5 Strategies for Social Media Community Growth


1. Pay special attention to user-generated material: 


The most effective type of social media content is user-generated material.


A consumer’s words are immediately perceived as non-promotional making them much more valuable. It is just marketing when you speak about the benefits of your goods or services or how they may make your client’s life easier and more comfortable. The majority of people don’t believe you when you talk about your goods and services. After all, you need to sell them, and you can do so by creating amazing, fascinating tales.


However, the majority of people start to trust your brand, products, and services when your consumers extol the virtues of your offerings. According to our psychology, consumer feedback is more reliable than corporate or brand statements. Customers don’t get anything by praising a brand, after all. If they do, there must be something unique about the specific brand, item, or service.


User-generated material, however, may provide a solid basis for your social media community. You can immediately see the magic that user-generated content produces if you just attempt posting it frequently on your social media networks.


You could now be wondering, “How can I receive user-generated content?” Don’t worry; we also have an answer to this query. Here are some practical methods for obtaining genuine, fascinating user-generated content:

Influencer marketing:


Social media influencers are known as such because they have the ability to sway others’ opinions. All age groups are interested in using the goods and services that well-known social media influencers use. Nowadays, influencers have the best hold on people because of their Instagram presence. Needless to say, Instagram is a great social media platform. 


On the other side, A child or a member of your family may have expressed a desire to purchase and consume the noodles they had just witnessed one of their favorite influencers eating. In fact, you may have even been aware of this inclination in yourself. You could be persuaded to purchase a product if you see an influencer using it and it makes their skin sparkle. That is influencer marketing’s power. 


Despite not being genuine user-generated material, it nonetheless has a large audience and appeals. So give influencer marketing a go. If money is tight, don’t panic; you can still use nano- and micro-influencers. However, keep in mind that you should consistently monitor the influencer marketing KPIs.


One of the finest methods for obtaining user-generated content is to reward your consumers for producing it for you. Give your customers incentives for posting about their experiences on social media. No one does not enjoy receiving awards. So, make use of this motto to your benefit.


Ask your devoted consumers to post on social media about their interactions with your goods and services:


There is no doubt that those who often use your products and services have a preference for your brand. Most of them will comply if you ask them to post reviews of your goods or services on social media. Having said that, you ought to ask your devoted clients to help you out in this manner.


Publish the findings of consumer surveys on social media:

This is a covert yet efficient method of learning about user experiences. Survey your customers, then post the results on social media. However, as you are aware, the situation is that the outcomes should be favorable. Sharing them would be pointless otherwise.


2. Pay attention to dependable follower engagement:


Love is about continuity, not intensity, in the words of Simon Sinek. His advice applies to all types of love, not only romantic love. This is true even for the affection shared by you and your followers. Consistency is essential if you want to win their affection or maintain your relationship.


After that, you want to concentrate on constant follower involvement. Establish a consistent social media presence. Your fans ought to be aware of your social media routine. They should be aware of the general but approximate timing of your posts. Additionally, your content have to be intriguing. How do you win the hearts of your followers if they don’t match their preferences? Let’s now talk about some types of popular social media posts.


Short videos content: 


Short videos are one of the most loved types of content on social media. In 2020, 96% of customers are expected to consume more video material, according to study. In fact, 90% of customers indicated they wished their favorite businesses would produce more video content. These results unequivocally show that viewers enjoy video material. But it’s crucial to remember that we have an attention span of only eight seconds on average. This suggests that you should keep your video material brief in order to interest your audience. Otherwise, even before your video material conveys the message you intended, your viewers may become sidetracked.


Amusing material: 


Because of the stress in our life nowadays, everyone is drawn to humorous material. Believe me, if you can maintain a sense of fun in your social media postings, you’ll quickly develop a sizable network. You may look at the social media pages of companies like Taco Bell, Oreo, Old Spice, and Arena Flowers to discover how to add comedy to your postings.


Infographics and eye-catching pictures: 


The text is difficult to read and understand. People in the modern day lack the time to accomplish that. Every one is occupied. It is therefore quite evident that you cannot create a community with plain text. So what do you do? Make eye-catching infographics and pictures. Everyone adores them. They are intriguing, appealing, and simple to grasp.


3. Motivate your followers to take action for global issues.


The globe is now dealing with a wide variety of problems. Examples include the Covid-19 epidemic, ozone layer destruction, prejudice, and global warming. Most individuals, regardless of their age, are worried about these concerns. Additionally, most consumers like dealing with and making purchases from businesses who make consistent efforts to find a solution to these problems. Because of this, you may win over the hearts of your followers by motivating them to take up causes that the entire world is concerned about. The greatest method to motivate them is to set a good example for them.


For instance, you may lead corporate social responsibility activities that advance the welfare of the world, its inhabitants, and the environment, inspiring your followers to do the same. By doing this, you’ll establish yourself as one of those companies that consumers genuinely adore—not just for their goods but also for their generosity and compassion.


4. Disseminate articles that inspire you:


Did you know that one of the most sought-after categories of information on the internet is motivating content? Why so? Because most adults live unpredictable, chaotic, and stressful lives. For continued effort, everyone needs inspiration. Many times throughout your life, you may have looked for inspirational sayings, movies, tales, or other stuff. 


This suggests that sharing material that inspires others is one method to connect with others. So, flooding your social media accounts with motivational information would be a fantastic plan. You’ll notice that your community is expanding at an astounding rate over time. Additionally, if you can provide original inspiring content for your fans, that would be ideal. But if you can’t, don’t worry. If you give due attribution, you can share other people’s content. Don’t forget to properly attribute the content’s sources.


5. Run contests


Freebies! Everyone adores them. When you receive something without having to pay a dime, it feels too nice. People are so enticed to receive free things because of this. Because of this, holding giveaways is among the finest methods to get people to visit your social media accounts and encourage them to become a part of your community. Run giveaways at regular periods of time for the greatest results. Try these excellent giveaway ideas: tag a friend, leave a comment, enter the giveaway, win, and share your experience. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that the prizes you provide will determine whether or not your giveaway is a success. Decide on prizes that your audience will find enticing. To find out the same information, you can poll people or utilize questionnaires.


Finishing up!


In this fiercely competitive environment, your social media network can assist you in moving up the success ladder. A large part of the success of companies like Nike, Spotify, and GoPro may be attributed to their social media following. If you want to join the ranks of well-known businesses, you need to start developing your social media following right now. You may get the same results using the methods listed above.