Social Commerce & The Infographic That Shows You How To Leverage It

With the rise of social commerce, brands want to know how they can leverage it to market more effectively — well you’ll want to bookmark this infographic for reference.

Social Commerce & The Infographic That Shows You How To Leverage It

Over time you have probably noticed that smartphones have become our lifeline or a digital Swiss Army Knife that people can’t seem to detach themselves from. To prove this, studies have illustrated that people spend an average of three hours glued to their phones, while the top 20% will spend nearly five hours on their phones each day. Now that people are becoming more and more dependent on their smartphones and devices, companies are starting to take notice of this trend.


As a result, these companies are adjusting their marketing efforts to coincide with this trend. Now businesses have begun to merge their social media platforms with their online shopping platform. Not only will retain, attract, and increase their target market but most importantly it will be the catalyst to increase their revenue as well. That being said, the social commerce industry has emerged and it’s thriving.


Now that the social commerce industry is becoming more prevalent, some will need an explanation of what it actually is. In short, the social commerce industry basically gives consumers the power to purchase personalized products that have been uniquely marketed towards them through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and many more. Many will ask why companies are utilizing these platforms to market and sell their products and the answer is simple.


This is where the majority of their consumers are spending their time in regards to social media. Therefore, utilizing these platforms can prove to be a very lucrative method to get exposure, communicate more effectively with their audience, but most importantly to increase their revenue. Finding innovative ways to keep your target audience interested will only enhance their shopping experience. When used properly, businesses will be able to create the most personalized shopping experience for all of their customers.


Due to the fact that the social commerce industry and social media are changing every day, businesses have yet to fully understand how powerful social commerce can be. When integrated properly, businesses will have a better understanding of their audience’s immediate wants and needs and then they will be able to craft unique messages and campaigns to the subsidiaries within their audience. Understanding what your audience wants before they even know is the goal and the use of social commerce will give companies the data to do so.


If your gut is telling you that your business needs to utilize social commerce, you’re probably right. Believe it or not, in the past two years social referrals to retail eCommerce sites have grown by 110%. This is a very clear indicator that investing in social commerce will be a catalyst for growth and an increase in profits as well.


If you believe that your business should take advantage of social commerce, take a deeper look at this infographic that Wikibuy created so you can get a better understanding of how implementing social commerce can affect your business.


The Rise of Social Commerce