Should I Fire My Design Client?

When, if ever, is the right time to fire your design client? If you’re client shows signs of begin a real problem, the sooner the better.

should i fire my design client

We’ve all had that bad design client. You know, the one we want to get rid of but never do. Maybe we need the money. Maybe we just don’t want to make a big scene. There’s so many reasons to stay with a client, it can be pretty hard to tell when it’s actually time to let them go. Besides, firing a client is a lot like an awkward break-up, and who wants to go through that?

In this infographic from Company Folders, you’ll learn the eleven warning signs of a bad client. It covers everything from getting paid late (or not at all) to working on the wrong projects. If any of this sounds familiar, then you’re probably working for the clientele from hell—and it’s time to bail out!

when should i fire a design client