10 Best Shopify Apps to Increase Your DropShipping Business Sales and Revenue

Ready to start dropshipping on Shopify? You will want these 10 Shopify Apps for dropshipping to ensure your new venture is a success.

Best Shopify Apps to Increase Your DropShipping Business

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Just like me, you’ve read dozens of posts about how my wife quit her job and this 34-year-old is making $40,000 a month from her side hustle.

You did some research online and came across these statistics, which cleared all the confusion and doubts. 


  • 300 million consumers bought from Shopify merchants
  • 62 million shoppers are repeat Shopify customers.
  • Shopify buyers purchase 3.8 times more from a traditional store
  • 27% of all eCommerce stores have adopted dropshipping


If you’re only now hearing about dropshipping to build revenue — you’re a couple of years late.


Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean that setting up a Shopify dropshipping site is a waste of time, it just means you need to be a little more prepared.


The convenience and low investment for people to start their own dropshipping business on platforms like Shopify made it possible for anyone to give it a try. Well, now there’s even more competition in every niche, and with thousands of Shopify apps available in the Shopify app store, choosing the best one for your business can become a daunting but necessary challenge.


If you are keen on entering the e-commerce scene through dropshipping, here are some of the things that you should keep in mind to boost your business’ potential:


The rest of this post is dedicated to providing you with the 10 best Shopify Apps for your dropshipping business. Like I mentioned above, there are literally thousands of 3rd party Apps for Shopify. Running a successful dropshipping business will require the use of some of these Apps. We’ve made it easy to skip the hard research and go straight to the apps that are proven to drive sales, success, and return customers.

10 Best Shopify Apps For Your Dropshipping Businesses

1. HubSpot CRM

HubSpot is famous for its marketing and sales CRM software but they also have one of the best customer relationship management solutions in the world. HubSpot CRM app lets you integrate Shopify stores with HubSpot to organize and track your lead generation efforts. It even lets users automate and personalize your marketing campaigns so they can deliver even better results. 

2. Oberlo

If you are a business owner who is struggling to find and sell the right products, then the Oberlo app will help you discover and add products directly to your Shopify store. Once the product is added to your Shopify store, you can start selling it instantly. What makes Oberlo stand out is its automated inventory and warehouse management features. This frees you up from worrying about inventory and warehousing management.


If you use Facebook messenger to communicate with your target audience or deliver customer support, then the RECART Shopify app should be on top of the list. Businesses can retarget customers who have abandoned their shopping carts. Send welcome messages to new users, send shipping notifications, and do much more with RECART.

4. Optinmonster

Business owners who are looking for an all-in-one solution for generating leads, converting those leads, and building their email list should look at Optinmonster. By taking advantage of its exit intent inactivity sensing technology, businesses can drastically reduce their cart abandonment rate. You can even add gamification to your Shopify store and increase engagement, conversions, and sales with its Spin a Wheel feature. That’s not all, you can even display banners, and promote sales and discounts based on the source of referral traffic, location data, and previous interaction history.

5. Conversific

Collecting user data, using adblocker, and analyzing data are two important pieces of the puzzle but not the whole puzzle itself. If you can not extract useful insights and take the right action at the right time, all that data collection and analysis is useless. Conversific app helps you make sense of your analytics data and optimize your conversion rate. It can assist you in answering tough questions such as which products you should sell through your Shopify store. Which marketing channel should you spend the most money on? Conversific apps basically let you unearth hidden insights and improve your bottom line.


6. Referral Candy

Did you know how many of your customers are willing to tell their friends about the experience they had with your brands? 83%. That’s great news, right? No. Why? Because only 29% of customers actually end up doing so. You can easily minimize that gap by offering a referral program if you don’t already have one. Referral Candy app enables businesses to reward customers who refer your business to a friend. This encourages more and more customers to refer to your brand which will increase your sales.

7. Growave

Don’t want to install separate Shopify apps for loyalty reward programs, reviews, questions, and answers, and managing social logins? If yes, then Growave is for you. By using Growave, your Shopify dropshipping business can:


  • Increase repeat purchases
  • Retain existing customers
  • Keep your customers engaged
  • Boost conversions and sales


Additionally, businesses can even share user-generated content including Instagram feeds and reviews on their Shopify store which helps them build trust and credibility.


By far the most powerful Shopify app on this list, Sumo is trusted by more than 37000 eCommerce stores around the globe. Sumo’s unique selling proposition is its ability to transform user engagements into sales. Businesses can use this app to increase average order value, and create exclusive discount offers from attractive forms. It not only notifies the customer that they are abandoning the cart but also offers them an incentive to complete the purchase, which can drastically increase your sales and minimize cart abandonment rate. 

9. FAM

Coming from the likes of SUMO itself, you expect great things from FAM and it does not disappoint. This Shopify app helps you pull data from multiple sources such as Instagram as well as your own Shopify store. Users can extract everything from images, text, fonts, colors or even logos. This takes the pain out of the process and automates the process of generating eye-catching emails.

10. Spocket

This app allows you to start your own dropshipping business even if you are getting fewer clicks. It does so by letting you sell products from your suppliers. You don’t have to worry about the credibility of suppliers as Sprocket take care of it. With Sprocket, you can increase the profit margin of your dropshipping business from 15% to 60% thanks to irresistible dropshipping bargains.


Which Shopify app is your favorite and how did it help you grow your online business? Share it with us in the comments section below.