Which SEO Tactics Are Ideal for a Dentist’s Website?


seo tactics for dentist website


Though SEO practices tend to be very similar in nature across different industries, niche SEO tactics are going to move your website in the right direction when you have a specialty niche like a dentist’s website.

There are many SEO tactics, but the tactics that work for one type of website may not work for the other. If you run a dental clinic, understanding the right SEO tactics will help you get results faster.

Here’s a list of the primary SEO tactics you should begin to get your dental website moving up in search.


Claim a local search listing

You should get listed on Google Local, Yahoo Local, and Bing Places because local search listing is a ranking factor with the search engines. Local search listing is also important because it brings you targeted visitors – people who know where your dental clinic is located and who are in your region are more likely to visit you.

A local business listing tool such as MOZ Local will make this process a LOT easier for you.


Update broken links and the 404 page

Broken links is a no-no in SEO and you should update or delete broken links. Although some 404 (“Page Not Found”) errors are unavoidable, you can reduce their negative SEO impact on your dental site by improving what is displayed by the 404 page when visitors click on broken links.

Here is a free tool to help you quickly locate broken links on your site, click here.


Create quality content and delete bad content

Create quality, relevant content that is keyword-optimized.

Research shows visitors view content that is more than 500 words long to be more credible. You should also remove any duplicate, “spun” content since search engines consider this to be Grey Hat SEO.


Integrate social media in your website

Although Google has stated social signals are not a ranking factor, you should still integrate social media in your website through social icons because this allows visitors to share your content with their communities. Consider creating YouTube and Facebook promotional videos and putting them on your site.


Keyword-optimization of image titles, alt attributes, and file name

Search engine robots do not recognize pictures without the alt attributes, the image titles, and the actual image file name. You should do keyword optimization on these.



Blogging allows you to create quality content that will be used by search engines to rank you.

You are able to do this without compromising on user experience (content can take up valuable space that you should be using for such things as a call-to-action).

If you don’t have time to write regularly, there are white label services you can use to create niche specific content on a regular basis.


XML Sitemap creation

XML sitemap is a ranking factor. It helps search engine bots to crawl your sites faster and it allows visitors to better navigate your website.

Check out InternetMarketingNinja’s Ultimate Guide to XML Sitemaps, here.


Local directory listing review

Almost all dental practices are on local directory listings, whether they have made the listing themselves or not. Ensure your listing is an accurate representation of your business and ensure it has updated contact info. Have a link to your website and pictures to legitimize the listing and for SEO benefits.


Other SEO tactics that you should consider are:


  • Link exchanges with credible sites in your industry (such as dental schools, suppliers, and so on)
  • Using CSS to separate design elements from the content
  • Write a keyword-optimized Meta description
  • Clean up the code to optimize loading speed


Considering what successful competitors are doing is a good place to start. Avoid Black Hat SEO tactics because they could get your website banned. Consider hiring a pro for the job so you can concentrate on running your dental clinic.