16 SEO Myths You Should Ignore Completely Infographic

Every online business covets those top SEO rankings, but so many of those business keep falling victim to Damaging SEO myths – find out what to avoid.

seo to avoid

It has been more than 20 years since search engine optimization changed the way we do business. As it stands today, SEO is now an industry unto itself just like digital marketing, and a multibillion-dollar one at that. SEO currently employs countless people all over the globe, and it has helped more than just a few people join the ranks of the wealthy and influential.

However, for an industry that has been in existence for more than two decades, SEO remains one of the most misunderstood, misrepresented and myth ridden marketing topics that thousands of businesses fall victim to each month.

For example, many businesses still fall for the scam that SEO gets you quick results. One thing a self-respecting businessman should know about SEO is that there is no such thing.

No matter what some self-titled “SEO guru” tells you, you cannot make your business’ website show up on top of the search engine results pages or SERPs after just a few weeks of performing optimization efforts on it.

Most SEO firms—legitimate ones—would tell you that results typically come within four to six months, and those results grow over time. So if a person or company claiming to specialize in SEO offers you optimization services that work immediately, run the other way because you are being scammed.

Any legitimate SEO company will provide an in-depth SEO strategy and plan of attack laid out over several months with benchmarks for establishing a return on investment.

Another SEO myth that has become especially annoying today is the one that says your website doesn’t have to be mobile-friendly. This is an SEO myth of the worst kind, especially in light of the fact that Google now bases its search listings and rankings on the mobile version of your website.

If you really want to get ahead in digital marketing strategy, your website must be mobile-friendly.

These are just two of the SEO myths that you must ignore.
Check out this great infographic from MyBizNiche, and you will see more of these myths.


16 SEO Myths You Should Ignore Completely Infographic