Selecting A PPC Service Provider? What You Should Know.

When running an online business there are some things to Keep in Mind before Selecting A PPC Service Provider

Selecting A PPC Service Provider

What is PPC?

According to Neil Patel, $10 billion were spent by PPC investors in 2017. That’s a huge amount of money right! But what is PPC and why is it getting so much attention?  

PPC stands for pay-per-click. It is basically a model in digital marketing in which you pay for every click on your brand’s ad. The aim is to bring people to your site through attractive ads. Those ads are made by professionals who understand the audience. 

You pay for the ad and get paid when people visit your site, make a purchase or buy a service from you. So PPC helps boost your business and generate revenue!

So if you own a company that is looking to maximize your online presence through search ads, you may want to vet a company that is actually using them. For example if you have a New York based business do a search like e.g. “New York digital marketing agency”  — a great place to start to use PPC to get maximum customers and maximum reach. 

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Who is a PPC Service provider?

A PPC service provider or agency gives PPC services for maximum benefits. Some of the services PPC professionals provide are:

  • Plan, create and, monitor PPC campaigns on multiple digital channels
  • Making reports and data-driven decisions 
  • Creating engaging ads and managing client accounts 
  • Making recommendations on how PPC campaigns can be improved


Things to keep in mind when you choose a PPC service provider

Here are 5 crucial factors that should be considered before you choose a PPC service provider:

  • Understand what you want!

Like any other project, you must make a plan and be clear about what you want. When you go to a shopping mall you can shop faster and better if the items you want are pre-planned. On the contrary, if you go unprepared you might end up wasting time and getting something you don’t want or like. 

The same goes for selecting PPC agencies in the digital mall. You might be launching a new product, trying to raise awareness, hoping to improve leads or make sales. If you are aiming to boost sales then try to decide how much revenue you want to generate and how PPC will help. If you choose PPC decide how much can you spend. With your plan clear and laid out you know what to look for and why you are looking for it. 

  • Map out key criteria 

After your goals are in place try to decide what criteria the PPC provider should meet. You might have certain pricing in mind or want them to have a firm grip in certain areas about some industries. You might have certain ad types as a priority like Facebook, Google ads, etc.  

Authenticity is another key factor and you might want the company to be a Google premier partner or Google certified partner. Having a focused approach will help you pinpoint a suitable provider and the chances of errors will be minimized. 

  • See if they are data-driven 

The use of data analytics is very important in PPC as the revenue and money spent on ads are linked. Agencies that are experienced and constantly learning will help you generate high yields. Numbers are an important part of that learning process. 

An agency that is keen on collecting data and reporting the progress with you makes a good option. Make sure you ask them about these requirements beforehand to avoid inconvenience. 

  • Check if they have their own first-party database 

An agency that has been in business for a long time knows many first parties through multiple campaigns. They have their own database and in short more experience. They know the target audience well and can predict their behavior through past clients and similar industries. 

Agencies with partners like leading search and social media platforms, gain benefits from their network. The partners provide insights into PPC trends keeping them ahead of the curve.  Keeping the reach of the agency in mind you should make the decision. 

  • Make sure they have good knowledge of local searches. 

According to Neil Patel, 82% of people use search engines on their smartphones to locate shopping destinations near them leading to an in-store visit that day, 62% of the time. This indicates the importance of search engines for your business. 

You should show up on search engines when people are looking for products or services you provide, as otherwise, you would lose significant customers. The agency you select should also have a strong grip in this field and should facilitate you to rank higher. 



In this article, we went through the definition and importance of PPC along with key features and steps you should take before you select a PPC provider. Your brand goals should be clear and the criteria for PPC agency should be in mind. 

About the PPC agency, they should be data-driven, experienced, and focused on search engines. If an agency ticks these requirements, then you should list them down and compare them all at the end. The points made in this article are just some of the very basic ones and more should be explored if you are seriously thinking about hiring a PPC professional.