9 Things to Look for in a Search Engine Optimization Company

DIY SEO not working out for you? When you need professional help here are 9 things to look for when hiring a search engine optimization company.

search engine optimization company

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Thinking of doing SEO on your own?

I mean, why wouldn’t you.


Plenty of websites out there claim you can do it by yourself. They’ll tell you that it’s not all that difficult to manage with the right software and dedication. And with their countless tips, you’ll learn how to master keyword research, study the competition, generate new content regularly, optimize your website, and much more.


Been there, done that.


Yeah, I thought I could be superman too! But in my defense, I will say that was the time I was just getting my startup off the ground…


But, I won’t bore you with my DIY SEO fiasco details. However, after what I’ve been through, I think you should reconsider.

SEO may not be as easy as it seems for everyone. It takes a lot of practice and time to get things right. I believe the best way to increase your search rankings is to partner up with a Search Engine Optimization company.

If you’re thinking along the same lines, great! We’re both on the same page.

A quick search on the internet will provide you with a bottomless list of options.

So which search engine optimization company do you choose?

I knew you’d be struggling with this question –  how do you know if an SEO company is the right company for you?

That’s why I want to share the secrets of how I found the perfect company to manage everything SEO for me. Now, I have the time to manage my company and do what I love the most – and that’s playing with my cat, in case you were wondering. :)

But seriously, let’s look closer at what makes a search engine optimization company the best option for you.

Tips to Find the Best SEO Company

Usually, there’s a lot of research you can do on your own before scheduling an appointment with a particular company. Doing your due diligence can help you decide whether or not you should hire them.

Here are a few things you need to look at.

1. Years of Experience

Often, when companies plan to hire an agency to manage SEO, one of the first things they look at is the number of years they’ve been in the industry. Needless to say, someone with 5-10 years of SEO experience is a better pick than one who’s just learning the ropes.

2. Study Their SEO Portfolio

Don’t you just love it when you’re right? You want to use the opportunity to prove to everyone how competent you are.

That’s exactly what an SEO company wants to do as well.

Case studies and client testimonials are proof that the company is able to deliver results. So a list of successful clients is a sign that they’re doing their job right – and are damned good at it.

So what should you do?

First off, check reviews, references, case studies, testimonials, etc. This will help you get an idea about the type of clients they have dealt with in the past. And since each industry is different, you’ll be able to decide whether the SEO company is suitable for your business.

More importantly, this is a way to understand their style and get a peek into what to expect from their SEO campaign.

Consider making a few phone calls to check with previous clients and discuss first-hand their experiences with the company.

You may ask the following questions:

  • Did hiring the company produce useful results?
  • Did their services positively impact key metrics such as rankings, conversions, and revenue?
  • Did they work effectively with your team (designers, UX, developers, marketers, etc.)?

3. Research About the Company’s Team Members and Policies

An SEO agency is only as good as its employees. They are the ones who will embody the mission of the company.

Therefore, it’s essential that you look at the members of the SEO team. For instance, how much experience they have, previous places of employment, years in the industry, accreditations, etc.

It’s also important to look into the work ethics of the organization. For instance, they must adhere to a strong code of ethics and follow white hat practices. So an agency that takes shortcuts, such as buying links, is a no-no.

So what questions should you ask?

  • What members will I be working with?
  • What are the company’s core values?
  • What makes your company unique?
  • What awards or certifications do they have as proof of expertise in the field?

4. Do They Offer a Holistic Approach

Congratulations! You’re taking SEO seriously. However, you need to think beyond SEO.

In order to build a robust online presence and boost revenue, you will need to look at the bigger picture.

So when partnering up with an SEO agency, you should also ask whether they specialize in other services besides SEO. For instance, Growth Proton SEO Company offers comprehensive digital marketing services, such as PPC, conversion rate optimization, social media marketing, etc.

Knowing that the agency you hire has the skills to provide additional help will make it easier to integrate more services as you grow from the same company.

5. Will They Conduct a Search Audit?

An SEO agency will be eager to discuss its SEO processes. But before they can implement any strategies, they need to know where you stand.

A search audit can provide a realistic assessment of your current website. Some agencies offer this service for an additional fee, while others include it in their package.

So make sure you’re clear about this before hiring SEO services.

But more importantly, make sure to request a list of things the SEO company recommends to improve SEO before modifying anything on your website.

Remember, a good search engine optimization company will discuss more than just ways to improve your rankings.

6. Are They Asking the Right Questions

So far, I’ve mentioned questions you should ask. But there are certain questions that the SEO company should ask you in return.

An established SEO company will genuinely be interested in helping you. So even in the initial stages, they will work towards understanding your business from a holistic standpoint. This enables them to find ways to help you better and helps build a stronger relationship.

So what questions should the SEO company be asking you?

  • What does your common customer look like?
  • How are your customers currently discovering your business?
  • What other channels are you using (social media, advertising, etc.)?
  • Who are your competitors?

7. Watch Out for Guarantees

SEO is a mysterious science since search algorithms keep changing. But experienced marketers usually have a good idea of what strategies will generate optimum results. However, they really can’t guarantee them, or rather, they can’t tell you exactly where your website will be ranked after optimization.

So, if a company claims to help you with a particular spot in SERPs, you ought to look elsewhere.

8. Fees and Subscription Plans

The cost of SEO services can vary. So you need to see whether or not you can afford to hire an SEO agency. But often, these companies offer package deals. This is especially beneficial if you’re interested in a bundle of services discounts.

More importantly, as a business owner, you know that a marketing budget can sometimes shrink unexpectedly. At times like these, you can continue to avail of their basic services without having to terminate the complete contract.

9. Active Online Presence

You already know that an up-to-date, active online presence is crucial for SEO. Regular fresh content helps attract more traffic to a website while simultaneously improving online authority.

An easy way to see if the SEO company is as good as they claim to be is to check up on their blog and social media profiles. If they can walk the talk, they’ll be on top of their game. More importantly, if they’re dedicated to their own SEO, you can rest assured that they’ll be good at taking care of yours as well.

One Final Thought

I’m sure my tips can help you head in the right direction. But determining which search engine optimization company is right for your business can still be overwhelming.

I get you.

One thing that helped me make up my mind about which company to hire was the opportunity to tour the company in person. I believe nothing beats being able to meet team members face-to-face. After all, I was on the brink of starting a long-term relationship.

During my visit, I instantly decided that these were the kind of people that I wanted to work alongside in the future. They were willing to listen to what I had to say and even experimented with new ideas.

In the end, everything worked out for me.

So are you ready to start hunting for a search engine optimization company for your business?

If not, you can research all the DIY tips for SEO on this blog.