10 Ways to Increase Sales Using Marketing Automation

Market smarter by learning how to increase your sales using marketing automation, here are 10 ways you can start simplifying the sales and marketing process today.

Increase Sales Using Marketing Automation


Despite all the improvements in technology, one of the biggest hurdles for any business is to reach new customers. Customers do a lot of research online before making a purchase. This is something that every business can take advantage of to better reach and communicate with prospective customers. Thankfully, this is something that automation software can help with in the lead generation process.


Sales are the most crucial part of any business. ​​In a sales funnel, there are several stages where a business needs to develop its brand image using a well-structured workflow. Marketing automation streamlines the processes, automates and monitors typical marketing processes. However, a strong marketing automation software does that and much more to make life easier for your marketing team. For example; businesses can boost and drive new sales using marketing automation.

We’re going to look at 10 ways businesses can increase sales using marketing automation:

Top 10 Useful Ways to Enhance Sales with Marketing Automation

1. Target Sales-Ready Leads

Target Sales-Ready Leads


The right marketing automation strategy always focuses on getting qualified leads for the business. It can get tricky to manually filter what lead is really ready for sales but an automation tool can do it for you. The automation tool can filter out your leads based on the actions they’re taking and target them based on it. 

For example, if a lead engages with your website by downloading a PDF, or filling out an online form. It can help filter sales-ready leads based on their characteristics. It will help drive the sales figures up. 

2. Know Your Customer Inside Out 

Know Your Customer


If a lead comes to your portal, he isn’t looking for buying the product/ service directly but a sales rep does exactly that and kills your chance of selling the product/service. An automation tool on the other hand creates a proper framework and builds up a way to get there. For example, it nurtures your leads and assists them with their queries, practices and alerts the sales rep just in time to make the sales. This enhances the customer’s experience and increases your likelihood of making a sale. 

3. Set Up Email Marketing Automation 

Email Marketing is the best channel to communicate with the leads and customers for a business. Delivering the right emails at the right time really helps businesses close more deals. It not only improves the odds of developing a tailored relationship but regularly accelerates the sales and marketing funnel. Whether it’s marketing or transactional emails, automation aids in the automatic or triggered delivery of tailored emails.

4. Track Leads on Various Channels 

Today, customers are not just on one platform but are active on different channels. ​​Whether they’re on social media, exploring the web, or attending events, it’s critical for a business to keep track of every interaction with the prospects, regardless of channel. Based on the channel and the type of content your lead engages with, the marketing automation software assists in interacting with the audience the same way. Since relevant content is the number one strategy to keep a prospect engaged with your organization, this help boost sales using marketing automation. 

5. Craft a Personalized Website 

Prospects that find a way to your website tend to form an impression of your business. The more personalized your delivery, the better the impression and the experience,  and even better would be your sales. One of the best ways a marketing automation software can help you is by providing you with the right data about your prospect to service a tailor-made experience for them in the form of personalized landing pages and web pages. Apart from improving the customer’s experience, it also helps build deeper connections with them. 

6. Track Results to Deliver Better 

In this digital age, repeating the same marketing practices over and expecting different results isn’t going to cut it! Marketers need to keep a check on the return on investment (ROI) to see if there are any concrete outcomes. The right marketing automation strategy involves determining campaigns that derive the best revenue returns by tracking data. This way, businesses can continue running such practices while canceling the ones that aren’t effective. 


7. Bring Back and Nurture Old Leads With Re-engagement 

It’s not simply about nurturing new leads and moving them through the funnel using automation. Reintroduce yourself to inactive old leads who were previously active on your platform. These prospects were interested in your products or services and had likely made a few transactions. They have now become dormant for some cause or another. Marketing automation can help re-engage these users with new content and improved offers that can help you increase sales.


8. Make Use of Up-Selling and Cross-Selling Tactics

One of the best cost-effective ways of increasing your sales is by targeting your existing customer. Marketing automation tool helps you do just that. To understand what customers are interested in, marketing automation can track data based on their profiles and browsing behavior. You can upsell and cross-sell based on this information by making targeted product recommendations through any type of marketing campaign, such as emails or inbound marketing notifications. This will not only increase your sales figures, but it will also help you strengthen your existing customer connections.

9. Say Yes to A/B Testing 

Not every campaign, email, or content you deliver works well with your audience. The best way to optimize your deliverables involves A/B Testing. Whether you wish to design different email templates or inbound marketing campaigns, you can use marketing automation and test them. It is a simple test that evaluates the effectiveness of two different marketing efforts at the same time. One of the benefits of marketing automation is experimenting with different content, graphics, and call to actions to find what works best for your target demographic. Marketing automation can therefore assist you in determining the best practices for your plan.

10. Strengthen your Social Media Presence 

Social media is here to stay and is a solid way to close deals today. Posting regularly helps build your brand presence online and increases engagement. ​​Marketing automation enables you to post on your social media networks on a regular basis and maintain contact with consumers. 


Furthermore, based on your customer’s engagement with your campaigns, marketing automation software can help you construct targeted campaigns to promote to specific segments. This will further boost your sales and get your business more revenue. 

Final Thoughts 

Marketing Automation works as a bridge for your marketing and sales teams to get to where the businesses aim to. A tool such as marketing automation is not a solution just for the marketing teams but can help sales teams win more deals, more frequently, and more efficiently. Now that you understand how to increase sales using marketing automation, get started by determining your automation goals and put it to work for your business.