Revamp Your Tired Old Email Marketing Campaigns

An Email Marketing Infographic to help revamp old Email Marketing Campaigns for increase CTR’s and better customer engagement.

Revamp Your Tired Old Email Marketing Campaigns

Digital marketing is a dynamic field and sticking to the same old techniques you used ten years ago just isn’t going to cut it. Email marketing has been a firm favorite for many years, but if you’re sending out the same kinds of messages you did a decade ago, your campaigns will seem stale.

More than that, if you’re using the typical marketing formats you did back then, you’re likely to get marked as spam.

Even if you do make it past the spam filter, subscribers with security awareness training might well ignore your emails just to be on the safe side.

A modern email campaign has to be interesting.
You need to convince your subscribers that they can trust you to provide valuable information and relevant offers. You need them to watch out for your latest email and to want to share it with everyone on their list.

You’ve probably noticed the attention span of your customers and people in general is getting lower. There’s simply too much information for people to consume. Savvy marketers are using things like rich media to engage viewers and increase CTR’s for email marketing.

For creating close engagement with subscribers, it has become essential to create stylish email communications through e-mail templates.

To give you a head-start on how to revamp your old email campaigns, we’ve got an infographic with some essential stats you’ll want to keep in mind below. Created by the team at EveryCloud, it’s a valuable resource for understanding how the modern consumer interacts with their emails. It’s been extremely well-researched and well-written.


It’ll give you information about how people view their emails, how they react to them, and a whole lot more besides. You’ll also learn how to improve your click-through rate and how to stay out of the spam filter.

Find out what’s likely to get you reported for spam, and what consumers expect from you.

It’s a wealth of information that can be read through in about five minutes. But you’ll want to come back for a second look later. Are you ready to learn actionable, research-based tips to improve your very next email campaign?

Then, without further ado, we present this Awesome Email Marketing IG.