How To Remove Negative Seller Feedback on Amazon

Don’t let negative seller feedback on Amazon bring your account down – get familiar with the Amazon negative feedback removal request now.

Everyone knows that reviews are the lifeblood of successful selling on Amazon as well as online in general. But what happens when you’ve worked so hard to build those reviews and someone leaves you crappy feedback or a review possibly without even having used the product yet? These types of reviews are all too common and can really impact your seller account.


remove negative seller feedback amazon

The first thing to do is know the difference between “seller feedback” and “product reviews”.

If you’re new to Amazon, sometimes understanding exactly what the hell is going on in your seller account is confusing. It’s like you need a personal guide to accomplish anything. Though Amazon is a powerful selling platform, it can also be confusing to consumers in regard to leaving feedback or reviews; which is why so many sellers are left trying to figure out how to remove negative seller feedback from their account. If you happen to be a seller trying to figure out the best way to bring in more reviews then click here.

In short Seller Feedback is your actual Seller Ratingit’s about you not your product.

Amazon Seller Feedback: How important is your seller feedback rating? VERY!

Amazon uses a 5 Star Rating and that rating appears right next to your seller profile.

Your Seller Feedback Rating Impacts the Following:

• Whether or not a new buyer will make a purchase from you based on other consumers reviews based on their experience.

• Impact your product position in Amazon as well as your ability to win the “Buy Box”.

• Can ultimately lead to your removal from Amazon if your rating goes below Amazon standards.


Amazon Product Ratings: How important is your product rating? VERY!

Amazon uses a 5 Star Rating and those ratings appear next to the product listing and on the product page.

Your Product Rating Impacts the Following:

• Can impact whether a customer will purchase a new product, but based on other’s opinion of the product itself.

* It’s important to note that product reviews are not a reflection of YOU the SELLER or even shipping for that matter. Additionally, Amazon will remove feedback for FBA orders if it is related mainly to the fulfillment experience.

Steps to Remove Negative Seller Feedback from Amazon

First of all, don’t panic. It’s actually quite difficult to gain negative seller feedback especially if you’re using FBA. If you do get negative seller feedback, chances are that it can easily be removed because it didn’t comply with Amazon guidelines.

1. If you receive a negative customer feedback notification:

A) Log into your Amazon Seller Central Account, navigate tot the PERFORMANCE tab > CUSTOMER FEEDBACK.

B) Copy the Order ID for the negative feedback.

C) Click Help in the upper right corner of your browser window.

Amazon negative feedback removal step1


2. Step Two Click the “Selling on Amazon Tab”.

A) Click the Selling on Amazon tab.

B) Next Click the “Contact Us” link or “Button Link”.

amazon negative feedback removal step2


3. Contact Us – Selling on Amazon Issue:

A) Click on “Customers and Orders” under the “Selling on Amazon Issue” Tab.

B) Enter your order ID number that you “copied” from step 1.

C) Hit the Next Button.

amazon negative feedback removal step3


4. Contact Us Part 2 – Customer Feedback Removal Request:

A) After the last step you will see the following screen to confirm you order information.

B) Make sure it’s correct, then check the selection for “Customer Feedback Removal Request”.

C) Hit the Next Button.

amazon negative feedback removal step4


5. Contact Us Part 3 – Review and Submit for Removal:

Lastly, you will see the customer feedback in question. In this example you can see that the feedback triggers multiple reasons as to why it should be removed from the seller account;

• The customer has NOT even used the product.
• The review is based on the product and not the seller.

A) Hit the Next Button to submit for removal.

amazon negative feedback removal step5


6. Viola… Your Negative Feedback has Been Removed from Amazon:

See, nothing to worry about – even Amazon agreed with your assessment that the feedback was indeed in violation of the Amazon feedback guidelines and has been removed immediately.

amazon negative feedback removed

Staying Amazon compliant and highly rated is key to generating volume sales for your online business. I hope these steps will help keep your Amazon seller account 5 Start and negative feedback free.