6 Successful Recruitment Marketing Strategies to Attract Great Talent

It’s been hard to keep employees let alone recruit them, use these recruitment marketing strategies to attract great talent to your business, keep reading.

Recruitment Marketing

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Employees are critical to the success of an organization. A team of skilled and dedicated members help elevate your business growth and drive value.

However, sourcing, recruiting, and engaging right talent are challenging tasks. In the candidate-driven job market, these tasks get even more complex as candidates meticulously evaluate every job opportunity, analyze company culture, read reviews, and weigh every aspect before taking the plunge. Hence, employers need to put in extra effort to attract and gain the trust of top talents. 


Recruiters need to formulate effective outreach strategies to connect directly with the best candidates. This is what we call Recruitment Marketing. 


In this article, you will understand more about recruitment marketing and some popular strategies that companies use to attract top talents

What Is Recruitment Marketing?


Recruitment marketing is more than just sourcing the right talent; it is a tactic to build an employer brand and market it to attract skilled candidates. It incorporates the entire recruitment lifecycle, including everything from attracting to nurturing the top applicants. It adopts a similar approach as inbound marketing to create a stream of qualified applicants. 


Recruitment marketing starts at the early stage of talent acquisition, which includes: 


  • Creating Employer BrandThe focus is on marketing the organization across multiple platforms and networks to attract job seekers. Through engaging content, such as blogs and videos, top candidates are made aware of the company and the open job opportunities.

  • Focusing on Content- Candidates prefer researching the company and employer before applying for a vacancy. So, it’s important that you continuously produce exciting content and distribute it effectively across all portals.


  • Nurturing Their Interest- Nurture the interest of the candidates by giving them the insights they seek. This compels talented candidates to make the switch from their current company to yours. 


  • Removing the Barriers- By making the application process simple, you eliminate the complicated steps, remove unnecessary tests, and give candidates accurate information about the job. 

6 Powerful Recruitment Marketing Strategies 


1. Research and Development 

The first step of recruitment marketing is identifying your target candidates, what you want to convey, how you want to present your organization, and what your competitors are doing. The applicants you hire must align with the values you hope to see across teams. When it comes to outreach and interaction, invest time to create personalized messages to get candidates’ attention. Study your competitors, their strategies, and how they target the same candidates. Keep in mind that you can implement this approach for your remote hiring strategy as well.

2. Content Marketing 

The content you create and distribute across channels decides what and how candidates are talking about you. Hence, it deserves your attention the most. Your content marketing must include:


Career Portals: Job posting sites lay the foundation of your recruitment marketing activities. This is where employer branding begins, so adhere to the best practices while posting any content here. 


Employees Reviews: Authentic and honest feedback from your current or past employees can create a solid reputation for your organization. Encourage your team members to share their working experience in your company on different portals.


Optimized Content: Leverage the power of search engine optimization so that top candidates can find you easily on the internet. Hire an SEO expert to optimize relevant content based on the keywords the target audience uses to search for jobs. 


Graphics: Videos, images, and GIFs, are the most effective ways to give candidates an insight into your company culture, share your story, and let them know why to join your organization.  


FAQs: This ensures that recruiters don’t have to answer the same questions repetitively, and candidates get the correct information on a single platform.


3. Candidate Experience 

More than 65% of candidates abandon the complicated job application process midway. Around 72% of them freely express their dissatisfaction publicly. Such bad publicity can hurt potential candidates’ perception of you as an employer and lead to significant financial loss. You must understand that candidates’ journey begins long before they join your organization or even go through the job description, and you need to make it as seamless as possible. 


4. Talent Management

Thanks to technological breakthroughs, you now have powerful tools like an applicant tracking system to track candidates’ records. Use the database to connect with the right talent, evaluate resumes based on qualification & skills, and more. Also, ask your marketing team to create an impactful career page that resonates with your company’s culture and vision. 


5. Social Recruitment

According to a recent survey, there are over 3.5 billion active social media users globally, and the chances are that your potential candidate is available on one of the platforms. Furthermore, around 50% of LinkedIn users follow relevant companies to find jobs. So, why not make the best of it? Ensure that social media is a crucial part of your recruitment marketing strategy. 


6. Employee Referral Program

Do you know that nearly 88% of employers consider employee referrals the most trusted source for quality hires? Use this powerful tool to seek multiple benefits, such as lower turnover rates, faster onboarding, and reduced hiring cost. Rely on this underestimated technique in your marketing strategy, and you won’t regret. 



In this digital era, candidates have instant access to overwhelming information and opportunities. Hence, the recruitment marketing landscape is also evolving by leaps and bounds. Recruitment marketing strategies will come in handy to make your voice heard through the noise, getting you all the attention you need from job seekers.