Reasons To Choose Magento 2 For Your E-Commerce Store

Selecting an E-Commerce Platform? See why you might want to choose Magento 2 for your E-Commerce solution — read this post before you make your selection.

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Magento 2 is the new version of the e-commerce platform most used worldwide for the creation of online stores.

In today’s post, we tell you about the main factors for which you might want to choose Magento 2 as a pillar of your e-commerce strategy.


When choosing an e-commerce platform there are many internal considerations that you must take into account. If you know your needs well, it is easier to select the best platform for your online business and create a development plan for the future of your online business.


In addition to the online presence of the company, there are other external factors that should be considered. Let’s see why Magento is one of the best platforms for your online store.


Factors to choose Magento 2 for your online business


1. SEO


The structure for Magento stores is built to favor a good search engine positioning.

In addition to being able to control the SEO of our catalog, several tools are included to obtain traffic. There are several free modules that extend the Magento functions to perform professional SEO jobs.


2. Mobile


Magento 2 has a “responsive” design so you can start selling to any type of device from the first minute.

The pages of Magento stores adapt to the screens of PC, tablets or mobiles, following the best design practices today. In addition to the designs included in Magento, there is a large number of themes created by third parties which will give a different style to your e-commerce.


3. Scalability


One of the best features of Magento is that it is very well prepared to meet the needs of both startups and large companies.

The community of programmers and developers guarantee that the growth of your store will be more agile and effective than in other e-commerce platforms. For an excellent Magento e-commerce development, you should contact top web development companies to help you.

Magento being one of the most used e-commerce platforms, it has a large community of users. This helps ensure rapid support. So also, the community assists in developing many plugins and extensions. With this, if you encounter any problem, you can make use of the thousands of available tools and resources. This will ensure that you get the best out of your e-commerce site.


4. Security


Magento includes security elements such as permissions and access with different levels and users.

Frequent updates are also published to ensure secure e-commerce. The platform facilitates compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) requirements for merchants to handle credit card data. Several recent modules also allow the store to adapt to the requirements of the new General Data Protection Regulation on the security of customer data.


5. Content


Magento includes a complete content manager (CMS) with which you can edit the appearance of web pages. The editor is totally visual, so you can see the final aspect of the page before publishing it. The new version allows you to add videos from YouTube.


6. Integrations


Magento is prepared to integrate with third-party tools and services.

Connecting your store with PayPal, Google Analytics or Google Shopping, Mailchimp or Amazon is a simple task thanks to the available modules. Most of the common ERP programs such as SAP Business One can be connected to Magento leaving the e-commerce channel integrated into the company’s usual processes. Having a complete API is also quite affordable to create custom developments that connect Magento with other less common platforms.


7. Filters and searches


The navigation of the customers through the product catalog of the store can be created by categories and feature filters. The goal is for customers to find the product they want to buy, so a good catalog structure is needed to facilitate this task. Although Magento has a very complete search function, we can improve it in cases of very extensive catalogs with a lot of information or to obtain more visual search results for the client.


8. Purchase processes


The shopping cart in Magento 2 allows you to add items while still seeing the catalog, making it easier to add more than one product. The final purchase form has been improved to reduce the necessary steps and make it easier for the customer. For an excellent Magento e-commerce development, you should contact top web development companies to help you.


9. Capacity


Although it is often commented that Magento requires a powerful server, the needs are not so great in the latest versions and the performance and loading speed has been greatly improved. In addition, these requirements are justified by their ability to manage catalogs with thousands of products with hundreds of orders per hour.

Many businesses choose Magento 2 because it is such a robust platform that offers the security of being able to grow with your business when the time comes.


10. Open Source


Magento has an open source edition that allows access to the source code of the application.

You can modify and extend this code to adapt it to the specific needs of your e-commerce. The open source license makes it easier for the Magento developer community to provide bug fixes or improvements to the application. With Magento, you can have total control of the online store simply by taking a look at the code. You should contact top web development companies for excellent Magento e-commerce development.



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