10 Real Estate Digital Marketing Trends In 2022

Are you an agent trying to carve out space with real estate digital marketing? Put these 10 marketing trends to work right now.

Real Estate Digital Marketing Trends



Digital marketing for real estate agents is a broad and highly competitive niche — you absolutely have to have a strategy in place to succeed.

Real estate digital marketing encompasses everything from website design to search engine optimization to social media marketing. Keeping up with the latest trends is essential for real estate agents who want to stay ahead of the competition. In 2022, these 10 digital marketing trends are the most important for agents to keep in mind:

1. Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of the most important digital marketing trends for real estate agents. The use of video with consumers has increased by more than 50% in recent years, and it’s now considered essential to lead generation. When they need to decide which agent to work with, clients will often turn first to videos posted online rather than printed materials or advertisements. It’s essential that agents keep videos on their websites and YouTube channels.

Video marketing can also help to increase a real estate agent’s rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs). A recent study found that videos increase the likelihood of a website appearing on page one of SERPs by 157%. Social media is another important area where video content can help attract new clients. Facebook users are more likely to watch video content on brands’ pages, and they’re 70 times more likely to share a brand’s post if it includes a link to a video.

2. Real Estate SEO

SEO is an essential part of any real estate agent’s digital marketing plan. Recency, frequency, relevance, and freshness all matter when it comes to search engine results. Virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa are also starting to influence how people use the Internet, especially in their homes. Agents should make sure that their websites are up-to-date, with pages optimized for both mobile devices and voice searches.

3. Microsegmentation

Real estate agents who want to get the most out of their digital marketing efforts need to use microsegmentation. This approach involves targeting a very narrow demographic with custom messages and offers. It’s an effective way for agents to focus on what they really need from their marketing campaigns, rather than trying to reach as many people as possible. A good example is looking at homebuyers and renters differently. Many agents lump them together in their marketing efforts, but they shouldn’t. Renters typically have less money to spend on home improvements and lower incomes than buyers do. The approaches agents take with these two groups should be different.

4. Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a broad topic that covers several different digital marketing trends, including lead scoring and nurturing. The automation process starts with capturing prospects’ information through lead forms. This is the first step in developing relationships with potential buyers. The next big part of the process is nurturing those leads into qualified opportunities that can eventually become clients. Marketing automation helps to keep these processes moving forward by prioritizing leads based on their information and behavior.

5. Cross-Channel Marketing

One of the biggest digital marketing trends for real estate agents right now is cross-channel marketing. This approach combines multiple channels into a single integrated campaign that reaches clients where they’re most likely to be and delivers consistent messages that resonate with them. Cross-channel campaigns combine search engine optimization, social media, email marketing, direct mail, and other types of outreach to clients. They tend to be a lot more expensive than campaigns that focus on just one or two channels.

6. Direct Mail Marketing

In recent years, agents have been moving away from using direct mail marketing to reach new clients. However, it still offers several distinct advantages. It can help agents stand out from their competitors and deliver strong messages about the benefits of working with them. Agents need to make sure that the data they use for targeting is current, but direct mail can still be an effective piece of any cross-channel marketing campaign.

7. Email Marketing

email marketing



Email marketing is still one of the most effective tools for real estate agents looking to bring in new clients. The key to success with this type of digital marketing is to use segmentation and content that’s highly relevant to each specific client’s needs. Most email providers offer detailed analytics that gives real estate agents insight into which emails perform best, whether their messages are being opened, and how many times they’re being forwarded. When possible, agents should always use images in email messages rather than text to increase the likelihood that they will be read by recipients.

8. Jumping on Popular Trends

As with any industry, real estate is subject to trends. While many of them are relatively minor, others can have a major impact on the business. For example, when Facebook significantly increased the number of allowed characters in status updates, agents who were able to incorporate more information in their posts saw an increase in engagement and interactions. Agents should always keep an eye on trends and be ready to move quickly when a major change occurs.

9. Content Marketing

Content marketing is a more traditional type of marketing, but it has been growing in popularity with real estate agents as an effective way to reach new clients. The key to success with this approach is producing quality content that will engage people and help agents stand out from their competitors. Agents should be careful about creating too much content, though, as it can have a negative impact if the quality isn’t high enough.

10. Real Estate Lead Generation

The best way to generate leads for real estate is through referrals from satisfied clients and other trusted sources like personal recommendations. However, digital marketing is also becoming one of the more popular ways to generate leads for real estate. When possible, agents should incorporate video into their campaigns because they tend to work really well on social media platforms. They also can help agents stand out from their competitors by demonstrating personalization and a friendly attitude toward clients.

Real Estate Digital marketing is an important aspect of any agent’s business strategy. With the right tools, agents can reach prospective clients where they’re most likely to be and deliver compelling messages that will drive them back into their office for a meeting with one of your associates.