We’ve been hearing a lot of complaints about Firefox running extremely slow lately. Some of these complaints have even come from this office. I love Firefox, but doing web design I can’t afford to wait 5 minutes every time I make an update.

I’m not going to beat around the bush, because it probably took you twelve hours to get to this post if you were using Firefox. I spent hours searching the internet for solutions and reinstalling, restarting, emptying caches, checking memory usage and a ton of other crap that sucked up a lot of time and was ultimately unproductive.

So, short and simple. . . I found 2 Firefox Extensions that were killing my browser – Turn these off and see if it resolves your problem.

Under your menu go to “Tools” then select “Add-ons”.

There is a default add on running named: Adobe Acrobat – Create PDF (Turn it off immediately!)

The other one that slowed my Firefox was QuickJava 1.7.5 Both of these are shown below.

I turned these off and my Firefox is back to normal operating speed.

Hope it works for you too!


Firefox Adobe pdf plug in