6 Simple Tips To Promote Your Event Effectively

Events can be a great tool to promote your business, but just like promoting your business you have to know how to promote your event effectively.

Promote Your Event Effectively

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Promoting an event is like throwing an epic party… the kind you see in the movies with hundreds of people all having the time of their life.

Having that kind of event requires the right promotion.

Trust me, there’s nothing much worse than prepping for an epic event that only draws in a few people. The goal is to promote your business, but you’ve probably already discovered that promoting your business isn’t all that easy. Same for promoting your event.

Don’t worry. We’ve put together this list of 6 simple tips to help you promote your event like a rock star.

And, before you ask, yes — you’re going to have to do a little work. It’ll be worth it though, if you actually want people to remember you.


6 Simple Tips to Promote your Event Like a God

1. Find Your People, Brah

Effectively reaching your targeted audience is the hardest part of this whole thing.

Like, if you already had your peops — you wouldn’t need to be doing this.

You will need to understand your demographic as well as your competitors.

Unlike throwing a party — you’re looking for a specific group of people to attend. So, “how to find audience?” Well, a good place to start is by finding their pain points. You know, find out what they need.

To achieve this, you can look up past events on social media that is similar to yours and make a post there announcing yours and telling them what you are offering. Make sure you cover languages other than English. This will mean that you have plans for translation equipment.

For more insight on finding your audience, check out these posts:


2. Make it Socially Legit


More than half of the world’s populace has a presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If you hope to promote your event and make it big, take advantage of event promotion on social channels.

At any given time, more than 60% of social media users are always online. You will be able to study your client’s needs and improve customer service.

In marketing, humor is everything. Instead of posting mundane pictures or status updates on your feed, try to add a little humor when appropriate. Be funny on social media through humorous photos and captions.

Your audience needs a constant stimulant. By creating an effective way to reach out to your customers, you’re adding more personality to your brand. It’s vital to be respectful to all your customers.

Having a strong presence on social media means building a bond with your customer. This makes for a more comprehensive promotion that can help your company’s image in the long run.

3. Hashtage that $h!T


The first rule of promotion is to Hashtag your event. Make a Hashtag for your event, so you can promote this thing socially. Social platforms are the ideal channel for promoting any event

Social media is a powerful tool that you can use to promote your content, get more traffic, and increase your business. In fact, it’s the most effective way to market your business right now. But to maximize your efforts, you need to understand what works and what doesn’t.

Creating your hashtag strategy is crucial if you want to get eyes on your event. Adding random and meaningless hashtags won’t add value and your event will suffer. Whatever social media platform you use, adding hashtags correctly will boost your social media presence and encourage interactions. Find out how:

A big mistake that many people make is only posting an event once. There are plenty of social media platforms that allow you to market your event. You need to take advantage of that. You should begin posting about an event at least a month in advance. You can then send out reminders about the event. You should not overdo the reminders. It is best to limit the number of reminders to no more than 3. When you do send out a reminder, make it a little unique by providing more information about what makes the event worth attending.


4. Sell It Like It’s Worth It!


Ya, I mean actually sell some tickets! Why? Nothing says your event is the bomb like actually charging for it. If you’re selling tickets — it must be worth it.

Some of the special tickets that can give you the desired publicity are group tickets, VIP tickets, early bird tickets, and ticket bundles. With VIP tickets, some men and women of high repute would consider your event because they would feel that there would be some special treatment for them. In fact, the table they sit at is already a special treatment. You will need this type of people at your event if you need to get bigger clients for your event-planning business in the future.

Make it easy

Making your tickets easy to purchase is another good move to promote your event effectively.

How do you achieve this?

You can take your tickets to where they are. Once you have identified places where people that might find your event interesting usually congregate, you can just go there with your tickets. Some people may be interested in your event but procrastinate buying the ticket until when they eventually lose their zeal and forget about the event. To counter this, you can utilize platforms to sell your tickets online and make it easy for them. This way you will win more crowds for your event.


5. Tap that In-box


Email is your cheapest and most effective reach and remind tactic — use it.

Using your social media or website to promote your business is good but do not look down on the effectiveness of a great mailing list. Truth be told, email promotion of your event remains the most effective digital move out there.

You’re going to have a two pronged approach:

Cold Emails –

Cold email marketing sends emails to people you don’t already know and might be interested in your event based on their know interests.

The main goal of cold emailing is to get your potential customer’s attention and convince them to take action.

Email Follow Ups –

If you already have a list of people like, existing customers, give them a heads up.

Ever had a friend that ignored your text messages?

It’s not a great feeling. You wonder if you should leave them be, or follow up with another text.

If you want to build a successful business, this feeling is something that you’ll need to get used to. You’ll be sending a lot of follow-up emails.



6. Do giveaways

Giveaways are an excellent way to grow brand awareness and get consumers excited.

This is because giveaways act as an incentive. Essentially, the consumer has nothing to lose, which is why they will be more willing to enter and engage with your brand.

Let’s say you’re a software brand. As a giveaway, you could provide the winner with a free license key to your product.

People always have a desire to win something and perhaps this might be a good way to even make more people interested in your event. Do giveaways by organizing competitions and giving nice gifts to winners. You can even give consolation prizes if the competition was like a tournament. This is proven to yield more traffic. 


Final word


If you are planning an event soon, consider promoting your event with these tips and you will thank me later. Your event may be a one-time thing, but your efforts to promote it effectively should not be. Just remember; put it out there, make it appealing and follow up. This is how you get people to show up.