White Label Design Services

If you’re in need of creative consultation or overwhelmed with tight deadlines our white label graphic design services can help.

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production design

When you can’t do it yourself, companies like you trust us to get things done.

The design team here at Pixel is fully capable of handling any project from concept to a finished product sitting on the retail shelf. That being said, some companies have in-house or freelance designers that are great at creating graphics or illustrations, but may not be as well versed in setting up art files for dimensional or retail product packaging. That’s where we come in — you may need help with taking your raw art files and turning them into a finished product that any production facility can handle.

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Looking for a Creative Team to Partner With?

Concept Art, Pre-press, Production Design & Web Development.

Is your in-house graphic design department a little swamped right now? Are you finding it hard to meet deadlines? You’re not alone.

We can help you regain your sanity. We offer white label graphic design services and web development services for many in-house department or marketing consultants who are feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Our team has the creativity, skill and experience that is required to take raw materials and turn them into a polished designs ready for marketing and display. Rolling out a brand line that requires multiple pieces and elements that all need to come together in just the right way? Contact Us, to see how we can help.

For the designers here at Pixel, there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing their hand at work in an actual product out there in retail land. It’s like Christmas for our design department every single week, when new product samples arrive for proofing and approval. We’re a fast, efficient graphic production agency and we love what we do. The best part is that we’ll work under your umbrella. We can work completely white labeled through you or in whatever capacity you may need. That’s exactly why large companies contract us for design and production work.

So, what graphic design services do we offer and how can we help?

When it comes to graphics and design, we do everything. No really, look through our site and whatever services you see, can be white labeled for your benefit. When we talk about production design, we can take your raw assets and create press ready art files for products, product lines and 3-D renderings for promotion and sales. Our production design experience ranges from complete product lines for beauty products, paper products in the giftware industry, board games, card games, home decor, food packaging, electronics packaging, books, manuals, CDs and DVDs. Do we work under the pressure of tight deadlines — No, we thrive on it.

We’ve built a strong reputation for getting things done the right way. In today’s economy we have become an even more potent resource for companies in need of production artists. Many large art departments have felt the crunch of a tougher economy over the past several years. Our graphic designers and production designers are skilled in a wide variety of materials, pre-press, and printing methods and they are always available to step up to the plate.


Here is a good example of our production design services:

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vino kitchen items


Actually, this is a good example of our design services utilized from concept through production. In the Vino kitchen line shown above, we actually developed this entire line for the Giftware company, Colorbök; which included art direction, art creation, press ready art set up and product approvals.

tin game counter top displayWhat this example really shows is our expertise in not only creating art and graphics, but how those elements should be use on 3 dimensional retail products and how those products should be packaged for display in that environment.

A better example of production design would probably be the counter top display shown to the left that we designed for Gryphon Games, to hold their 6 pack of tin card games.

In this instance individual illustrations were provided to us in order to create all the game components and packaging for the products. To clarify, we took fantastic commercially appealing illustrations combined them with our skills to create stunning 3 dimensional packaging as well as the self shipping counter top display that holds the finished products.

Effective production or package design is more than just graphics, it’s knowing your audience, designing for functionality, and lastly designing for impact. We have an impressive success rate in package design for retail, so the question you’ll have to ask is, “do you simply want a graphic designer, or do you want a package design company with the experience to make sure your project is done the right way?”