Printing Trends for Marketing Materials We Expect in 2022

The pandemic and supply chain issues have impacted commercial printing as well, find out what printing trends are shaping in 2022 because of this.

Printing Trends for Marketing Materials We Expect in 2022


Photo by Charisse Kenion on Unsplash

The pandemic changed the way that countless businesses operate and the printing industry was no exception.

The unfortunate side affect of supply chain issues in commercial printing affect every business large and small in their ability to bring in products, get packaging for products as well as other marketing materials.

The trends we see in print design are tied to our current cultural climate. As the world searches for comfort and novelty in an uncertain time, we see the rise of soothing color palettes and new direct mail tactics. 

Over the past 2 years the World has changed dramatically. What can we expect to see in terms of printing trends in 2022?

If your business has been impacted by supply chain issues, consider leveraging these printing trends to make your marketing materials more effective:


Aesthetic Trends

Color plays an important role with any marketing material, but especially with print. With each new year, we look forward to seeing which colors captivate the most attention. That raises the question: which color palettes will dominate in 2022?

To inform our prediction, let’s look back at what was popular in the previous year. We saw a lot of earthy browns, rusted yellows, and sage greens. This neutral, soothing color scheme offered stability in a time of uncertainty. 

But in 2022, we expect to see a resurgence of bright, vibrant tones. Just look at the Pantone color of the year: an invigorating periwinkle. Similarly, we anticipate seeing an increase in sky blues, grassy greens, and hot pinks. 


Supply Chain Issues

We’ve seen how the pandemic affected nearly every aspect of our lives. Some changes were entirely unexpected. One example is how it disrupted supply chains, from sourcing lumber to printer ink. 

There are a few reasons for this: one, a shortage of laborers. And two, a strained supply chain. Many businesses have found it tough to source safety or warning labels with the ongoing supply shortages, which hold up product production.

To get the materials your business requires, you may need to wait longer for shipments to arrive. Or, you’ll have to pay a higher price. You can handle this in a few ways: either update the deadlines for your current projects or increase your pricing model. 



Consumers want to know that the businesses they work with are committed to eco-friendly practices. In the printing industry, you have the opportunity to make a difference. How can we make the printing industry more eco-friendly?

Build a more sustainable future by using recycled paper in your printing operations. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it’s a strong selling point for eco-conscious consumers. 

Worried about the additional cost of using eco-friendly material? A recent survey indicates that up to 75% of Millennials are willing to pay more for greener products. 


Lumpy Mail

Direct mail is a tried-and-true method of print marketing. But it’s not always effective. Think about your own mailbox. When you receive a flyer or promotional letter from a business, how often do you send it straight to the recycling bin? We’re willing to guess this happens more often than not. 

But imagine you received a heavy package instead. Even in a windfall of mail, you couldn’t help but wonder what was inside. Enter lumpy mail, the latest printing trend; it describes any mail that contains a 3D object. 

The owner of RAPTAP Marketing writes, “Marketing agencies can use lumpy mail to make their letters stand out in a stack of flyers. Your customers will have a hard time throwing away a heavy package without taking a peek inside.”

Examples of lumpy mail items include:

  • USB drives
  • Pens
  • Stress balls

Which item should you send along with your direct mail package? It depends on your marketing budget. Lumpy mail campaigns come with a higher expense, so it might be best for a one-time promotion rather than reoccurring mail. 


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