Practical Low-Budget Marketing Tactics for Small Businesses

Practical Low-Budget Marketing Tactics for Cash-Strapped Small Businesses – The EJ Dalius List of Recommendations

Practical Low-Budget Marketing Tactics

After you have spent blood, sweat, and tears setting up your small business, you still need to have customers bring in the revenues to make it sustainable. If you are operating on a strict budget, you will not be able to afford expensive marketing tactics. It is, therefore, important to identify low-cost marketing ideas that you can implement easily and achieve a high ROI. There are quite a few low-budget marketing tactics you can try to boost sales revenues of your small business.


In the contemporary internet-connected world, it is an absolute must for businesses regardless of their size to have a website. Implement SEO to get more visibility in the search engine results. Once visitors arrive at your website, they must find the navigation intuitive and delightful user experience. Great content, informative blogs, comprehensive information on the products and service, customer testimonials, and contact information are other essential features of a good business website.

Social Media 

Given the huge popularity of social media, it makes good sense for your business to have a presence there to increase brand awareness and engage with customers. Identify the platforms your target audience is most active on and post useful, original, and engaging content with the right hashtags to acquire new followers and build enduring relationships. Encourage followers to post user-generated content for building credibility. Use social media to conduct product promotions that also drive traffic to your website. EJ Dalius, marketing educator, recommends that businesses should focus more on brand promotion rather than direct sales on social media.

Business Partnerships

Business Partnerships Can Be Effective for Reaching New Prospects, Says Eric Dalius

It is important to appreciate that your target audience is not exclusive to you. There can be many other businesses apart from your competitors who may be selling to the same customers. It is quite possible for you to promote each other using a variety of low-cost options like discount coupons or sharing of email lists, observes small business marketing guru Eric J Dalius.

Vehicle Branding 

If you have a vehicle that you use to make company deliveries, you can very easily convert it to a moving billboard replete with company branding, contact information, and product details. You can even use it to promote your offers as these vehicles get noticed by a lot of people even when they are parked. You should opt for professionally-designed self-adhesive vinyl wraps to make a strong impact on your customers.

Email Marketing 

Sending emails to existing customers is a very cost-effective way of boosting revenues. You can also use marketing promotion campaigns on social media to ask people to sign up for your email newsletters by offering them a freebie. Use your email campaign to inform subscribers about product news, offers, and other value-added information they will love to receive. You can also drive sales by sending discount coupons that they can use online or when they visit your store.


Entrepreneurs should not despair if they do not have enough money for marketing their businesses. There are quite a few marketing and business promotion tactics that they can implement either free of cost or at a very low cost for impressive results.