Harnessing the Marketing Power of Instagram in Website Design

Instagram has a significant role to play in website design for entrepreneurs and marketers

Harnessing the Marketing Power of Instagram in Website Design

We have already witnessed the rise of social media giants like Facebook and Instagram. We have seen one take over another. We have also seen the power of marketing equipped with digital tools of promotion that work through these platforms. Now, it is time for us to find out what happens when the likes of Instagram meet user experience design. Brands are becoming smarter every day thanks to the avid use of smartphone technology, digital marketing tools and sales strategies that draw inspiration from user behavior. With each passing day, it is becoming impossible to determine where the virtual life ends and the real life begins. Whether it is using an app to call for a ride or asking Siri where the nearest diner is; people are effacing the fine line between real and virtual with finesse.


Instagram as a selling platform

During such a time, it is only fair that website designers include a few familiar elements of social networking apps like Instagram in their website design. These elements range from including live feeds from Instagram to embedding seller website links in the photos. This is changing the old concept that Instagram is not a place for sellers. The gradual yet steady change of design is making it possible for website developers to turn Instagram into an e-commerce tool.

Don’t get us wrong! Instagram was always great for marketing. However, there were only so many ways you could push people down the sales funnel. It was very difficult to sell something on Instagram even last year. Then came a time when the developers started thinking differently. They introduced Instagram badges and the next thing you know; you could include your e-commerce site link in your bio. Right now, several third-party tools allow users to generate photos with live links and post them on their feed. The use of uniform hashtags for contests and campaigns has streamlined the marketing and selling efforts of thousands of brands across the USA.


People trust the (social media) celebs

As per the experts at https://gramblast.com/, over 80% of users on this photo-sharing app follow at least one brand. Moreover, over 72% of the people on the web rely on reviews and recommendations as much as personal recommendations from friends and family. There is no better way to feature your products than on Instagram, with the help of a social celebrity. Imagine this – if Rihanna endorsed a particular brand of hair color on Instagram, would you not be tempted to buy it? This is definitely a hundred times more effective than traditional PPC or CPC ads.

The current strategy is quite simple. It uses the proclivity of users to trust celebrity recommendations to guide them further down the divine funnel. When people click on the photo, the link takes them to the seller site where they can explore more options or directly buy the product. Yes! Instagram has finally made direct selling possible. We all know, to simplify the sales funnel, we need to remove a few extra steps between introduction and purchase. Using a few third-party tools is now making that possible for several brands on Instagram.


Build customer trust

One of the most effective ways to include Instagram into website design is by introducing customer-generated content as website content. It serves two purposes –

  1. It maintains a constant supply of fresh content for your website. You do not have to invest in dedicated content development.
  2. It builds loyalty among customers and makes them feel a part of something bigger.

Instagram can serve as a source of interesting and trending content throughout the year for digital channels and conventional channels. Several E-commerce sites already derive content from social media sites to power their marketing and promotions.


Getting the latest makeover

Getting the IG look is one of the most happening web design trends right now. This brings forth one of the most stylish looks that do not cost a bomb. The trick is to ensure that your website looks like your Instagram feed. Keep parity in theme and colors. Integrate your feed with your website banner and the next thing you know; your Insta-followers are flooding your site too. Keeping the transition seamless is one of the first steps you have to master to successfully integrate the two.


Optimize for a mobile view

The most important thing you must remember is to keep all your website designs responsive. Your Instagram feed is responsive, thanks to the relentless efforts of the developer team and their amazing eye for details. Once your followers step out of the realm of Instagram and step onto your website domain, they cannot undergo a rude awakening. You must remember that Instagram users swear by smartphones and iPhones. You need to deliver a smooth and responsive experience to them. Start by constructing a 100% responsive and retina ready landing page that matches the theme. Keep all the elements of your website responsive as well, including the forms and the menus.



Simply decking your profile and website up, linking them together and forgetting all about them will not take you far enough. You need to employ tools that can observe the behavior of your Insta followers as they travel through the link to your website. Not all clicks convert, and that is the harsh truth all entrepreneurs need to accept. Therefore, the least we can do is find out which user groups give us the maximum frequency of conversions. The integration of Instagram and website design empowers the entrepreneurs to narrow down their target user groups with the help of real user tendencies and actions. This will help brands target their feeds better and deliver satisfactory experiences to the target users.