What’s New With Pixel? What Projects Have We Been Working On?

O.K. We’re apparently a little behind on updating our portfolio. . .
People keep asking to see our most recent projects and I realized that none of them are showcased in our portfolio. Shame on us, but it’s good to be busy, right?

We’ve recently helped launch some exciting new businesses, and I’ve been participating on the Board of Mentors for the Sustainable Valley Technology Group’s Business Accelerator Program — which has been phenomenal. There were 5 companies selected for the program, 3 of whom completed the program and received preliminary funding and are now poised for successful angel investor presentations in the coming months. The goal of the accelerator program was to help early phase start ups get launch ready by helping with setting goals, building strategies, advanced market research, legal services, financial counseling, brand development and networking with mentors and investors. New businesses should definitely check out www.SVTG.org for valuable business guidance, grant or funding opportunities and mentoring.

SVTGACCELERATORLOGO708The 3 Local Companies Chosen for the Fall 2013 Sustainable Valley Business Accelerator Were:

TonTon’s Artisan Affections – Raw, organic hummus and vegan cookies, Ashland

Pickled Planet – A raw fermented foods and krauts company, Ashland

By George Creamery – Artisan aged raw, grass-fed non-GMO cheeses, Applegate

Working with these entrepreneurs was a complete pleasure for me. Each of them showed dedication, passion and the ability to work their asses off to achieve their goals.

Pixel Launches Phoque’n Awesome New eCommerce Skateboard Site

Not part of the business accelerator program, but also an innovative entrepreneur, is Mark Nelson of Carve Sports, Inc. We have been, and are currently, a part of Mark’s Team for the launch of several new businesses leading with Phoque Skateboards, an eCommerce website, but truly a site that is part of skate culture based out Carlsbad, CA. The site has just recently gone live and ads will be popping up in popular skate mags and online over the next few weeks.

The site and brand is developed around a double entendre made popular by a Phoque’n famous episode of the “Family Guy”. You can check out a clip below — just know, even though it aired on TV it may not be appropriate for all viewing environments; like work.

Our role in this project was brand and online development. We www.PhoqueSkateboards.com using the BigCommerce platform with Custom WordPress integration combining the best of both worlds; eCommerce and Blogging capabilities.

Phoque Skateboards

What Did Mark Have to Say About The Project?

“Birth of a company – Phoque Skateboards.

From the beginning of the creation of our business plan, e-commerce was set as the cornerstone of our marketing and product delivery strategy, so it was critical for us to develop an outstanding website and e-commerce capability.  Also, as a brand new company, we wanted to work with a team that was creative, flexible, and easy to collaborate and work with.  Our solution?  Pixel Productions, Inc.!

Chris and Paul took the time up front to understand our business, our brand, and the goals we had for our website including heavy utilization of social media.  Also, we defined the overall system architecture, including integrations with customer relationship management, accounting, and office systems, to make sure all critical systems would function together.

With the planning and definition completed, Team Pixel took off and created a website utilizing BigCommerce as the e-commerce platform, and built a custom Word Press front end so we could present ourselves and our products just the way we wanted.   PhoqueSkateboards.com is the result, and we are delighted.

We strongly recommend the Pixel team and have engaged them to build our next website for TakayamaSurf.com….can’t wait!

Mark Nelson


Carve Sports, Inc.

Phoque Skateboards

Takayama Surf”