How to Pick Better Images for Social Media

Are you using the right images for social engagement? Learn how to pick the best images for social media posting.

How to Pick Better Images for Social Media

Image Source: GoSondors

15 Rules for creating just the right images for social media posts.

The success of any social media post comes down to the image used. If you’ve found that your posts aren’t getting traction, picking better images for social media publishing is exactly where you need to start.

This post is designed to provide essential tips to help you create the perfect social media images without the help of a designer. These principles apply to visuals in all applications such as blog posts, you can get more insight on that by clicking here.

Are you ready? Let’s find out how to pick and create awesome images for social media right now. Using some basic rules of design, you will be able to create beautiful illustrations yourself. These 15 rules will ensure you create great brand images for social media.

1. Don’t get carried away with different fonts

Choose two or three fonts that you will use in your image. This will help not to overload the picture – the post will look concise and stylish. Try to ditch Arial, Times New Roman, Roboto and Comic Sans – replace them with more current typefaces like Lato, Hammersmith or Montserrat.

Remember that the main concern is the readability of the text in the picture. Look for fonts that are easy to read and choose colors that contrast with the background.

2. Create a hierarchy

Highlight your main idea in large size. Use smaller points to describe the details. The purpose of creating a hierarchy is to make sure that the main message is immediately apparent.

3. Define the colors

Depending on the location of the flowers on the color wheel, you can determine whether they are combined with each other or not. Complementary colors (facing each other), triad (three colors forming an equilateral triangle) and monochrome (three shades of the same color) are harmoniously combined with each other.

4. Strive for minimalism

Try not to overload the picture with unnecessary details – stick to minimalism. The main purpose of a post on social networks is to convey the message to the audience. Use as few colors, fonts and pictures as possible – simplicity attracts and conveys information better. Feel free to leave blank spaces in the image, this will further highlight the rest of the details and use quality text backlinks.

5. Add lines

Vertical and horizontal lines organize your design elements. They help to achieve a uniform style, the picture looks more holistic and harmonious.

A consistent style is also useful for attracting new visitors and converting them into subscribers because it creates a positive first impression.

6. Focus on one object

Many brands choose a specific object that is present in all images. It can be a subject, a location, a logo – anything that is associated with a brand.

7. Unified color palette

Choose the primary colors to be used in the images. Use ready-made color palettes and try to adjust images for them, or take your own photos, observing a uniform color scheme.

8. Use one template

If you cannot constantly add photos to your posts, and mainly publish informational content, then use designer post templates. These are images with a caption, they are very easy to make, they look great on the page. Below I will tell you how to create such templates in graphic editors.

9. Use the same filters

The same filters will highlight the unique style of your profile. Their advantage is that you can process any image, you don’t have to take your own photos and adjust the uniform color gamut.

10. Where to get ideas and pictures

We decided on the style, it’s time to practice. First, decide what kind of pictures you will select. It all depends on the chosen style – whether you will publish your photos, take ready-made ones, or create your own designs in graphic editors. You also can check this link for more information about photo retouch. 

The next task is to find images. There are millions of pictures on the web, but most of them are copyrighted. It’s better to use content responsibly and buy the image you like. There are also good free services.

11. Use bright colors

It has long been proven that colors influence our behavior. Adding a colored border around a Facebook image can double the number of clicks. Bright colors not only attract attention, but also influence our behavior – for example, you can significantly increase conversions by changing the color of the button to a brighter one.

12. Create different images for each social network

Correlate conducted research to determine which images perform best on Instagram and Pinterest. They analyzed about 8 million images and figured out which images to post on these social networks in order to get the best results.

They also tested the dominant colors. On Instagram, images with a predominant blue color generated 24% more likes than those with red. On Pinterest, red pictures were twice as popular as blue.

13. Publish GIFs

GIFs are eye-catching in the news feed and convey more information than static images. Using animation, you can add dynamics to the post or simply illustrate your opinion. New Facebook features allow you to add animations to posts, profile pictures and covers. This is a great choice if you want to add variety to your published content.

14. Add some humor

Humor can help you build a close emotional bond with your followers. And the brighter emotions you evoke, the better you will be remembered. Many people use social media to distract themselves from everyday problems, so if the theme and style of the brand allows it, it is worth using light, funny posts on your page.

15. The picture must evoke a reaction

Try to create a post so that your subscribers want to repost or comment on it. Sign the picture, ask a question – try to provoke a reaction. This will increase your reach and provide the opportunity to receive user generated content that will further increase your subscribers’ loyalty.


  • The success of posts on social networks almost entirely depends on the picture.
  • Sign pictures to add meaning, remember that each picture should serve a specific purpose.
  • Use 1-2 fonts for the inscription, try not to overload the picture with unnecessary details.
  • Try to choose bright colors to grab the attention of your followers.

A consistent visual style for social media pages increases brand awareness, creates associations with a particular type of image, and creates a positive impression on people who visit your page for the first time.

One of the main trends is animation, do not forget to personalize them for your own style.

Try to post entertaining visual content regularly.