Perfect your instagram photosWith Facebook’s new acquisition, Instagram has become even more popular among Smartphone users, it’s an application that allows you to share images with your friends. It allows you to give your photos a new special look with various filters and frames. Sure, it’s great sharing photos among your friends within your social networks. But you could do that with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. So what’s so great about Instagram’s social network? I specifically enjoy using Instagram because it allows me to reach out to others outside of my current social network.

A lot of people ask me, how do you get so many likes on your pictures? How do you have so many followers on Instagram? It’s quite simple, I categorize my pictures with the right hashtags. Instagram allows each user to have a total of 30 hashtags for each photo. So if you’re wondering how you can get your pictures even more recognition, consider optimizing your Instagram with the hashtags listed below:

  1. If your post is food related, use the following hashtags:
     #delicious #food #foodporn #yummy #yum #instagood
  2. Categorize your photos with these hashtags:
     #photo #photooftheday #bestoftheday #picoftheday
  3. If you’re an iPhone user, these hashtags will share your photos among
      other iPhone users: #iPhoneonly #iPhonesia
  4. Describe how you’re feeling with hashtags by using hashtags like:
      #amazing #awesome #bored #happy #smile #blue #funny #instamood
  5. If your picture is taken outdoors, consider hashtags such as:
      #clouds #hot #summer #beautiful #sun #beach #pretty #nature
  6. Reach out to other Instagram users with the following hashtags:
      #instagramhub #instagramers #igaddict #igdaily #ignation
  7. If you want an overall increase in likes and followers, use these hashtags:
      #2012 #follow #followme #like #10likes

While using Instagram, I connect my photos with other trendy social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter & Foursquare. I upload all my pictures on Facebook and Twitter through Instagram’s sharing center. I also tag a specific location using Foursquare for each photo. Take my advice and try using the hashtags mentioned above. I can assure you that your photos will receive a lot more likes, and you’ll even increase the number of followers you have. You have my word.


About the Author: Krithic Annamalai, is a Social Media Writer and Enthusiast based in Irvine, California. He works as a Staff Writer for Where Can I? His articles are based on popular topics and questions that people have. In this generation, you’re either a Mac or PC. He loves Macs, so his geeky friends call him the MacMan.