How Do I Optimize My Amazon PPC Campaign Better Than Anyone Else? – An Expert’s Advice

Amazon PPC helps businesses widen their reach. Start mastering how to create effective ad campaigns that will help you generate more sales, and read this now!

Optimize My Amazon PPC Campaign


How do you start a business on Amazon?

Thinking of what products to sell and the logistics of selling have always been two of the many challenges that occur when putting up a business. However, in reality the toughest part of selling on Amazon is gaining exposure.


Ever since the development of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, various platforms have slowly adapted their own versions. Amazon continues to grow significantly every year, and through its different features sellers like you get the opportunity to reach more shoppers. One of the most notable features for this is the option of creating your own PPC campaign.


As you read this article, you’ll learn about Amazon advertising and how to optimize these campaigns to help you convert leads into sales.

Welcome to the world of Amazon PPC

Look just about anywhere and you’ll see numerous ads posted on social media, search engines, and even on other eCommerce sites. Pay close attention to the ones with “sponsored” near the title. As you start your business and explore Amazon, you’ll learn how to create these ads through Amazon Seller Central.

What does Amazon PPC mean?

amazon ppc

Amazon PPC or Amazon pay-per-click refers to the in-house advertising solution that the eCommerce giant offers to their sellers. These ads help sellers boost their presence, reach more shoppers, and promote their items.


Implementing Amazon PPC in your business entails bids for top ad positions on particular keywords that relate to your items. Just remember not to utilize negative keywords unless you’re confident of the outcome, as these will affect your listings, sales, and visibility differently. We’ll touch on this further in the article.

4 benefits of Amazon PPC

Even if you’re on a strict budget, Amazon PPC can help you reach more shoppers and gain clicks. With Amazon PPC, you’re only paying for the number of clicks on your ads and not for impressions. It’s a very cost-effective way to advertise versus traditional avenues that make you pay for advertising space.


Here are some benefits of Amazon PPC: 

1. Higher ranking in search results

When you first create your business on Amazon, surely one of your main goals include reaching out to more shoppers, even those outside your target audience. While this feels impossible to achieve especially as you’re just starting out, Amazon PPC can help your business expand its reach quickly.


With Amazon PPC, whenever a shopper looks for a specific product with a particular keyword your ad will appear in the search results. Your ads can also appear as pop-ups which shoppers can click on to be redirected to your store.


Through Amazon PPC, you can reach an exponentially larger amount of potential buyers. This is the best way to boost the presence and discoverability of your business to a wider audience, and even to those who don’t fall within your target market.


It also works with permeating international markets. As Amazon operates in many countries around the world, creating Amazon PPC campaigns will increase your opportunity to reach foreign shores. In a short period of time your products can reach other countries, giving you an even wider audience and a much larger potential market.


Finally, as a PPC user your listings will also be shown on the homepage separate from the listings made by your competitors. Setting yourself apart doesn’t get easier than this!

2. An increase in sales

Since it widens your reach and visibility to many more shoppers, your sales will naturally increase as you have a higher probability to sell.


The goal is to reach the first page of Amazon to get to as many customers as possible. By plugging in relevant keywords to your titles and descriptions, the chances are higher for Amazon to place your product front and center.

3. A boost in organic ranking

As you create ads on Amazon, put it in mind that you want to increase your organic ranking. 


Amazon PPC can give you the boost that you need at the beginning, but the Amazon algorithm works by automatically putting your listings at the top of the search results whenever one of your products yields high sales. Eventually, your listings will organically reach and entice more people to check out your products and your store page altogether.

4. Easy advertising 

With the emergence of different devices that encourage mobility and portability, Amazon PPC makes it easy for you to run your campaigns on-the-go. No more slaving away at your computer for hours at a time to set up the perfect campaign. With Amazon PPC you easily check, modify, and update your ads wherever and whenever through cross-platform compatibility. 

Associated costs with Amazon PPC 

associated costs

Most sellers plan campaign budgets ahead of time in order to allocate resources properly. No matter how large or small your budget is, Amazon PPC can fit into it as it can cost as little as  $0.56 per click.

No activation and subscription fees


Two budget-friendly features of Amazon PPC advertising are no initial activation fees and no recurring subscription fees. Just register by creating your first campaign, set a budget for your ads, and pay for each click generated. Campaigns can also be started and stopped with a click of a button, so sellers like you have the freedom to decide on just how much to spend.

Perfectly optimize your Amazon PPC ads

Your main goal as a seller is to sell your products. The most straightforward way to do this is by reaching out to more shoppers in hopes of converting them into leads. However, competition on Amazon is tough and thinking of different ways to gain an edge will always include the use of keyword optimization and ads.


Below are some major strategies that will help you grow your business.

1. Organize your campaigns

The way you structure your ad campaigns can either make or break your PPC strategy, so spend time in organizing and creating a solid structure for them. Essentially, you need to create special identities and unique characteristics to set your ads apart.


Structure your ads according to:


  • Top performing products
  • Product categories
  • Brands


Remember that consistency is key when it comes to creating your campaigns. Note that when you continuously modify and update your campaign structure, it can result in repetitive campaigns and ads. When you create ads per brand and others by product category, you could be creating duplicates for the same product listing. Ensure that you benchmark your advertising account whenever you use Amazon PPC, and pay attention to the ads you’re generating.

2. Group similar products in the same ad group

Another thing to remember is that you need to decide on a set of keywords for every ad group you create. All of your products within a certain keyword set should appear in the same group. When you decide on your keywords, remember to use them for the right set of products to keep everything neat and clear.

3. Create a variety of ad groups for different search terms 

Some sellers stock a wide range of products that need a broad range of keywords to show differences and specificities.


For example:


  • In selling shorts, a relevant keyword is “shorts”
  • As this becomes more specific, “shorts” turn into “women’s shorts”
  • For the very specific, you have keywords such as “women’s plaid shorts”


All of these may be relevant to your products but have some extreme differences from each other. 


When you use a common keyword throughout your ad groups, you can easily lose track of the ads you submit for certain bids. One way to avoid this is to use more specific keywords for the different groups you may have.


To illustrate:



4. Create an automatic campaign

With everything that you need to do to manage a successful Amazon business, automation is one of the things that you can be grateful for. Automation helps you create campaigns and run them without worrying too much about the details or the scheduling.


You also get to choose the budget to allocate for your campaigns and review which keywords drive the highest sales to your business. Eventually, you’ll get to move the most relevant and well-performing keywords into your manual campaigns to have larger CPC bids.

5. Eradicate unwanted searches to be more cost-efficient

A thing to know about Amazon PPC ad campaigns is that your ads may never show the specific search terms that you bid on, as some of your customers search for different keywords and these may match your listings or not. In order to save your resources, make sure that the keywords match the listings and try your hand at using negative keywords.


Amazon has three options for the keywords in your sponsored product listings:


  • Broad
    • The sponsored ad shows queries including all words that are utilized as keywords
  • Phrase
    • Customers will see ads with the keywords used in the exact same manner and order of how you set them
  • Exact
    • Ads will only appear when customers use the exact keyword given


Another way to be cost-efficient is to use negative keywords. This way, your ads won’t appear to customers who search for products with these keywords included.


There are two types of negative keywords that you need to know about:


  • Negative exact
    • Your ad will not appear when the search query specifically matches the negative keyword you’ve used
  • Negative phrases
    • Your ads will not be included in the search results that contain the negative keywords as part of a phrase or of the ad as a whole

Boost your sales today!

One thing’s for sure, you don’t need to be an expert in digital marketing in order to be at the top of the game for Amazon PPC campaigns. Follow through with these Amazon SEO tips and your ads will be optimized in no time!