Online Lead Generation Techniques Used in Web Development

Expert Web Development Strategies That Will Boost Online Lead Generation. Check out these lead generation techniques used by the experts.

Online Lead Generation Techniques

Is being online enough? It’s Doubtful.

Websites have come a long way over the past 8 years; which is why businesses put so much effort into incorporating lead generation techniques into their web development. Connectivity makes things exponentially more competitive and it’s the details online that will help you generate leads. Standard website templates and themes usually neglects how the site will attract and convert leads; which is why savvy businesses look to custom web development. The objective of any business should be maximizing success and web design should help achieve this goal. Let’s take a look at some web development strategies that will guarantee lead generation.


Mobile-friendly web design

Research by search engine giant Google shows that more online searches are carried out on mobile devices than desktops. This trend is not expected to change any time soon because more and more people are adopting mobile devices for accessing the internet.

In fact Google has already started rolling out their mobile first algorithm update:

Mobile-first indexing means Google will use the mobile version of a web page “for indexing and ranking, to better help our – primarily mobile – users find what they’re looking for,” the company writes in a blog post.

By “primarily mobile,” Google is referring to the fact that the majority of people who use Google search today now do so from mobile devices, and have done so since 2015.


Web designers should ensure that they create websites that are mobile friendly as a first priority, as it will directly impact a website’s ranking ability and consequently a website’s lead generation ability.


SEO (search engine optimization)

Even though it will not give immediate results, SEO is the most successful ways of consistently generating leads in the long term. With sustained SEO campaigns, your website will generate qualified leads. You can generate leads by implementing solid SEO strategies, updating current content with commonly used keywords and creating new content. SEO is a worthy investment that will benefit your business for many years to come when done right.

There are a lot of ways to fail at SEO, so I think it’s important to note that the first thing you should implement is an SEO strategy for building out content. It is absolutely essential that the content your publishing is highly relevant and useful to your specific audience. The goal is to product evergreen content, the type of content that is going serve your audience well, rank highly and stay ranked for years to come. This is how you make SEO an investment that pays off.


Integrate calls to action on webpages

While some individuals will visit the website with a target in mind, some visitors have no specified purpose. With a call to action on all webpages, web designers can turn these visitors into actual leads. Effective calls to action are probably the most under utilized of Lead Generation Techniques. With a visible and attractive button, people can click on it to get them where they need to go. You can also put a contact form on the page for people to share their contact information.


calls to action

This website’s product landing page is a great example illustrating the use of calls to action. The global header is calling attention to the ability to earn store credits, as well as free shipping; which is reiterated just under the add to cart button. There is easy access to immediate customer service help, and call to action items that instill consumer confidence such as the “excellence in service” badge. All of these call to actions improve this site’s ability to convert a visitor to a sale!

Conspicuously displayed phone numbers

If you want to generate leads online, for Gods’ sake let people call you. Phone numbers displayed on the website show the credibility of the company and the services or products they sell. Even though the website visitors may never contact the business, this will give them peace of mind, especially for those who have never purchased anything from the company before. With a vanity toll-free number, one can establish a greater level of trust with customers. You can see this effectively implemented on the site show above as well with a global header phone number, global footer phone number and product landing page call outs for phone contact.


Create many landing pages

Landing pages are crucial as they give visitors a first impression of the business. This is why landing pages must be enticing, attractive, user-friendly, and expertly designed. Web designers should focus on creating several landing pages for business websites. This will help in generating a bigger number of actual leads. With more landing pages, you will be able to generate more leads than websites that have fewer landing pages.

It is important to note that you shouldn’t create landing page just for the sake of adding a new page. Each landing page should have a single purpose ie: one purpose, one topic, one goal for generating a lead.

You can get additional landing pages information from leads junction.


Have forms on every page

To increase viable numbers of leads through the website, web designers must ensure that every webpage has forms. The less information you ask for, especially on your homepage, the more people will part with treasured personal details. Furthermore, you will be able to get crucial information from your clients without them feeling like they were pushed to do so. Your lead generation forms should be easily accessible and noticeable so that customers can notice and even fill them out.

lead generation form

Likeable Local does a great job in the example shown above:

1. They use a good page title that grabs attention and offers value.

2. They reinforce the quality of what you’ll be getting with their summary points.

3. They make it easy to fill in and download the high value piece.

Add testimonials and photos

The credibility of a business website can be enhanced by adding testimonials and lots of relevant pictures. Testimonials are an excellent Lead Generation Technique. However, you can take this a step further by adding rich media like audio, videos, and photos. This may generate a powerful impact that will bring you lots of actual leads and boost sales through the website.

I’m going to use EurekaCrystalBeads website as an example again, because they’re killing two birds with one stone when it comes to integrating testimonials and photos by using RivetWorks.

rivet works reviews

RivetWorks is a 3rd party app integration that allows you to build powerful user generated reviews and photos. Rivet is not cheap, typically running about $240/mo for sitewide embedding. That being said, it is a powerful tool for boosting eCommerce sales. You can take a look at how Rivet Works in the video below:

Utilize negative space or whitespace

Whitespace is a crucial thing in website development that will make a huge impact. Instead of struggling to fill up every empty section on the webpages, you can give the photos, call-to-action buttons, and content breathing room. You do not have to keep adding anything just to fill up the available room. This is because it may become a distraction to the clients and this may lower the website conversion rates.

Every element you use deserves a noticeable place on your dedicated page because it’s the balance between these elements that helps persuade the visitor to convert into a lead/customer.


For some detailed tips and visual aids, check out our post “the anatomy of a high converting landing page“.


Intuitive, simple forms

You are asking clients to do something when you allow them to fill out your forms. You must be clear about what you want from them and the reasons why you want them. You should ensure that the forms are short to ensure that customers finish filling them. Automate the input format because it will make things easier and faster for your clients. Ensure that you apply color as it can help you get a quicker response and generate leads.


None of the aforementioned Lead Generation Techniques will do you any good if you do not try them out on your own. This will help you determine the best strategies that work for your situation and business. With time, you will be able to see your conversion rates and quality of leads improve and increase. Splitting testing change from different landing pages will help you see whether the lead generation efforts are successful or not. With the best testing and analytics software, you can easily determine what works for the website and what does not work.