New Ways of Generating Leads for B2B Companies

Finding new ways of generating leads is essential for B2B companies wanting to maintain growth, learn how here.

New Ways of Generating Leads for B2B Companies

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Generating high-quality leads is the cornerstone of an effective B2B marketing strategy, and developing a robust pipeline will help you maintain a constant growth rate.


In fact, a 2016 report by Content Marketing Institute found out that lead generation is the most important goal in content marketing for 85 percent of all B2B marketers surveyed. This statistic shows that, even if you aren’t focusing your efforts and resources toward generating leads, your competitors are. Here are new ways of generating leads for B2B companies.


1. Create a Personalized Email Campaign


Your emails must resonate with your target audience, whether that involves incorporating academic prose into your content or adopting an informal style of writing that includes GIFs, slangs, and emojis. A post that contains a GIF receives 20% more engagement and this also works for email. That doesn’t mean the intended message of your email has to change. It simply means you need to tailor the delivery mechanism to suit the personalities of the target audience. Keep in mind that personalizing your emails can help you get a 6x higher engagement.



2. Come up with Compelling Lead Magnets


What do you use to motivate prospective leads to interact and engage with your brand?  Perhaps it’s e-books, reports, and free trials for your reliable software. Or maybe it’s tools and calculators or engaging quizzes.  Those are perfect examples of lead magnets.


Whatever lead magnet you pick, be sure to identify its value in the course of generating leads. For example, you can give out a one month free trial for your software. That way, prospects will have a first-hand experience of the product and are more likely to make a smart purchase decision. What’s more, by just signing up for the trial, they’ll become part of your marketing funnel.


3. Use Conversational Marketing


Conversational marketing involves interacting and engaging with prospects that visit your website and converting leads using dialogue-driven activities. This method concentrates on interactions with the customer, not just one-way communication by the brand. It endeavors to cultivate relationships with the customer by developing trust through dialogues and streamlining the buying experience.


Chatbots are a budget-friendly and effective way to maximize conversational marketing, as they don’t need someone to actually interact with the user. Bots for conversational marketing can automatically interact with people visiting your website in real-time. They can respond to questions from website visitors by checking the content on your site and delivering it when it’s applicable. 


4. Offer Free Online Courses


Offering valuable advice for free is one of the most effective ways to catch the attention of the prospects you want. The simple reason is that assisting your target audience to prosper before demanding money from them cultivates credibility, trust, and proves you actually possess the proficiency they’re ready to pay for.


Providing a free online course can be a great way to generate leads. By offering a tailored learning experience to your target client around a particular problem they encounter in their day-to-day lives, you improve the odds that they’ll subscribe to stay on top of the latest updates from you. This transforms your free online course into a lead magnet, offering you a chance to turn new subscribers into paying clients.  To create an engaging free online course, you’ll need to choose the best teaching platform. Consider things like the site’s features, available marketing tools, pricing, reliability, and technical support when selecting a site to host and connect to your marketing.


5. Create Gated Videos


Video and Video Streaming is booming since we went online because of covid19. Creating short videos is a great way to capture and retain user attention. With a video, you can respond to a quick question, guide potential clients to a landing page, and engage with your subscribers. The good news is that you can send a video through email. And there are many options for doing that. You can email the video using a video platform like, record it on your mobile and email it with a link, or via a clickable thumbnail. Think about your relationship with the client before deciding the best method for emailing the video.




Lead generation strategies that work for your competition may not work for you. So you need to understand your audience and how they relate to your business. Then use that information to choose a B2B lead generation strategy that works for you.