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All the cows have left the nearby ranches and headed down to Cowtown for a little ‘cow’-rousing. But it seems that things have gotten a little out of hoof and now you and your fellow cowpokes need to get these herding heavies back in line. You will need to make the right moooooves to corral these cows before udder madness prevails in Cowtown.

The object of Cowtown is to have the most scorecows when the game ends. In general, you gain the most scorecows by being the first player in each round to get rid of all of your cards.

Players get rid of their cards by playing cards numbered one higher than the card face up on any stack.  If the card is the same color, the play is safe, but if it’s not it is a bullish play.  A bullish play means that after the card is played onto the stack, the player must turn the top card on the draw deck face up onto the discard pile. If the turned over card has the red Bull’s Eye that player must draw a card.  Players may also play multiples of the same numbered cards, called a Horn-to-Tail Sequence, or multiples of the same numbered card, called a Stampede, in order to reduce their hand size even faster!

88 cards, 40 scorecows (not to be confused with scarecrows) and these
rules. The cards come in four different herds (colors). Each herd color
consists of 22 cards (two sets of cards numbered 1-10) plus two Cowtown


The Kickstarter rewards for Cowtown include two fun new cards!


When this card is drawn, immediately discard it and all players, including you, must draw one card from the deck and add it to their hand of cards. Discard the Cowtastrophe card out of the game after all players have drawn a card.

Cattle Rustler

On your turn, play this card before playing any other cards. Take one scorecow from any player. If no player has any scorecows, take one scorecow from the herd of unclaimed scorecows.  Discard the Cattle Rustler card out of the game after you have rustled at least one scorecow.


Gryphon Games is committed to producing games of the highest quality, both in production and game play.  We feel it is important that people who buy Cowtown receive a game that is well made and will be in playable condition for many years.  Cowtown will be produced using the best printing, box and components available.

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