Mobile Marketing Statistics To Get You Motivated

If you’ve been putting off or neglecting mobile marketing for your business, this Compilation of Mobile Marketing Statistics should get you motivated.

Mobile Marketing Statistics to get you motivated

Ecommerce entrepreneurs have been thinking and targeting mobile for a while now, but mobile marketing should be on top of every business marketing strategy.

If it’s not, maybe these mobile marketing statistics will change your mind…


Mary Meeker, an American Venture Capitalist who was listed as the 77th most powerful woman in the world by Forbes in the year 2014, made a very profound statement that the mobile phones will eventually overtake fixed internet access shortly.

Eric Emerson Schmidt, the Executive Chairman of Google from 2001 to 2015 also urged that businesses in the future will take up the ‘Mobile First’ approach to design web experiences.


Today, you don’t have to look very hard to see that mobile first is a global movement. Several countries like India, Indonesia and Mexico have quadrupled audience reach via smartphones when compared to desktops.


Countries Leading the Mobile Marketing Revolution


The major countries include the United States and the United Kingdom.

But, there are other countries too such as France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Australia and Japan taking position directly behind them.

The Digital Focus report of comScore covering 9 global markets including USA, Canada, UK, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, China and Indonesia clearly reveals the use of high digital minutes per person by mobile users in comparison with the desktop users.

Argentina tops the list by delivering the largest number of mobile minutes per user.


Mobile media: Its use and popularity


The use of mobile media varies considerably by location, age and several other factors.

A new report titled “Global Digital Future in Focus” by comScore, Inc. shows as to how the desktop is still a preferred medium by many people worldwide. However, the fact remains unchanged that smartphones and tablets still dominate to this day.

The outcome of a business can be easily drawn by examining whether the products and services offered by the respective business are reaching out to the consumers via the mobile search option or display. A business failing to do so is certain the fail in the market as well.


A recent UK survey proclaims the importance of “Multichannel Majority” as termed by comScore. It has been clearly observed that most people use multiple devices for browsing information and not just mobile phones.

Ecommerce businesses have also tracked users changing devices during the purchase process.

multi device cross channel purchase

In fact, studies have found multi-device journeys represent anywhere from 41% and 65% of all online purchases.

A study by Monetate found that retailers are only observing 15% of purchase sessions on two or more devices. This means they are failing to detect as many as 50% of those multi-device sessions.

The reason being the desktop provides the users with a detailed view. The consumers of the Western markets use the desktop to get an in-depth review of their purchases.

These mobile marketing statistics are important to know if you’re running an online business.

This Multichannel Majority feature suits best in the sectors like retail and banking. The use of multi-devices dominates over the US, especially among the Millennials. Hence, keeping the above in mind, it is important for the business to design an adaptive web page layout and content catering to both desktop and mobile users.


Mobile search


Mobile search is primarily seen in the product sector. In many areas such as automobile and retail, the initiation of mobile devices is relatively higher when compared to banking and real estate.

That being said, Google has actively taken a mobile first approach to search across the board. You may have noticed this in your Google Search Console Dashboard.


Google’s Mobile Path to Purchase report highlights the survey made on 950 US consumers analyzing nine different parameters including food, finance, travel, electronics, health and so on which assessed the purchases made by the people on their mobile phones. This quench of finding is indeed the beginning of mobile research. This report ascertains that the mobile search feature among the US residents is quite passive when compared to desktop search.


Mobile marketing – Its sources and importance


A mobile-friendly platform is no longer a choice – it’s a top-priority and frankly a necessity. Mobile marketing is a multi-channel, digital marketing strategy which focuses on reaching out to a large audience on smartphone, tablet, iPhone and iPads.


Evolution Gaming, for instance, is one of the leading iGaming software providers which aims at offering the players all over the globe a hassle-free digital experience across platforms for both online and land-based casino operators. Evolution Gaming has put in extensive market research in order to deliver a seamless experience to gamers world-wide. This is an industry driven by multi-device accessibility and the importance of mobile marketing can NOT be understated.


Mobile has certainly become a valuable tool in assessing and predicting the future of a brand or a business and how it relates to the consumers’ needs and preferences overall.

Here is a list of the best sources which will help you in optimizing your marketing strategies via mobile.


Google’s Consumer Barometer

Google’s Consumer Barometer

This shows as to how people all over the world make use of the World Wide Web. It also provides insights about the various factors which affect the purchasing decisions of the user.


The Consumer Barometer covers more than 45 countries and 10 product categories giving you a crystal-clear picture of the behavior and choices of the consumers worldwide.


International Telecoms Union (ITU)


ITU reveals the usage of mobile broadband subscriptions indicating the growth in the use of mobile phones. All the information given by the ITU is free of charge and it is regarded as one of the best sources for mobile penetration across the globe.


Flurry Mobile Analytics


This focuses on the mobile app usage and lists the apps which are popular and best-loved by the people across various domains such as banking, travel and retail.


comScore Digital Future Series


comScore offers an excellent platform to know the developments and advancements in mobile media. Research also shows that comSCore is one of the prime sources which helps in finding the changes in the use of digital media by the consumers offering in-depth information.


Ofcom Internet


This aims at examining the availability, price and use of broadband with respect to landlines, mobiles, TV and radio covering 17 countries.


Summing up


Mobile marketing does not evolve by a single man’s effort. It comprises of both long-term and short-term marketing campaigns put together to reach a wider audience.


Mobile is not a trend that is going to disappear sometime soon. Optimizing your marketing strategy keeping in mind the mobile marketing trends will certainly help you reach your business goals efficiently.

So, don’t procrastinate – go mobile today!