Blog On Phone Showing Mobile Blogging Or Weblog Website

If you’re a blogger, you’re probably familiar with some of these accompanying hurdles:

• you have to gain a loyal following

• you need to be a content machine with frequent and relevant posts

• and you should include visual elements in as many pieces as possible

While these factors help draw in regular visitors, they can be difficult and time consuming. Many a would-be blogger has given up simply because it took too much time to do blogging well. So, in order to make sure you don’t succumb to a similar fate, try the following tips on for size.

Stick With Your Home Base

Once you’re situated on a blogging platform, find any and all mobile apps associated with it. For instance, WordPress has a corresponding mobile app that makes your work a whole lot easier because it allows you to do pretty much anything you would need to do on a desktop, but from anywhere. If you’re waiting in a doctor’s office, you can moderate comments on your smartphone. Or, if you’re walking to your mailbox in the morning, you can publish that piece you’ve been writing or view your website’s stats. The convenience is undeniable, and aligning your apps with your desktop platform will ensure consistency.

Make the Aesthetics a Little Easier

Pictures have become one of the most appealing parts of blogs. Society is hungry for the visual media, and blogs present a prime opportunity to cater to that want. In order to make posting photos an easier and more enjoyable endeavor, think carefully about the photo-editing apps you want to use.

For example, Snapseed Mobile (available for Android and iOS) is a tool that can give you more freedom and save you time with all of its editing options. With a feature like one-touch enhancement, you can snap a picture with your smartphone camera, press a button and have a publish-worthy image ready to go up on your blog. Or, if you want to spend more time dialing in specific aspects of the photo, Snapseed has more in-depth features you can play around with until your shot has reached perfection. The point is to try out enough photo editing apps until you find one that is intuitive (for you) and allows for quick and thorough editing.

When in Doubt, Curate

One of the most common problems with maintaining an interesting, up-to-date blog is having enough time to write content every day. If you want your blog to last, don’t feel forced to generate original content every day but rather curate content from other sources. Just remember to give the original authors or artists credit.

Storify is a great app that can help you curate content. Not only can you use it to pull content from social media, news articles or other blogs, but you also can whip up media-rich stories to inject with your own comments before passing it along to your followers. The end result is an impressive display of timely content from around the Web, with your own twist on it. And better yet—you saved yourself a lot of time.

If blogging is your calling, don’t let anyone—or anything—hold you back. Don’t turn your dream into a chore either, so let yourself explore mobile apps like WordPress, Snapseed Mobile and Storify to see which ones work best with your blog’s direction. If you invest a little time upfront in learning these apps, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and headaches down the road as your blog grows.