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We’ve been helping local business here in Medford Oregon get off the ground for over 10 years now.

Pixel, Helping Local Businesses Build Big Brands

Lacking Leads, Website not Converting?
That’s what we’re here for… just give us a call for a free brand audit and evaluation. As a full service web and graphic design company we’ve been helping businesses in Medford, Oregon, as well as nationally, build their brands for over 10 years now. We can help you craft your message, visual identity, and online presence and then back it up with expert online marketing. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re working on growing your business, we can help.

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Local business design and marketing

Pixel, A Custom Web And Graphic Design Company Located in Medford, Oregon.

We help small businesses locally as well as fortune 500 companies on a national level grow and convert.

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Get it all done here; logos, package design, web development, product photography & marketing.

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Need Help With Logo Design?

Many businesses begin with the logo and that’s a great place to start since your entire brand will evolve from your logo mark. Ideally your logo should capture your brand’s message visually. Many people make the mistake of going to a low cost online logo designer. There is an important distinction between what we do here at Pixel and what you can expect to get from a quick DIY logo design tool or service and that is research. Research is the single most important element in the logo design process. This is the element that is going to tie your brand message, to the impression you leave with your audience – it’s important to make sure that it’s right. Learn More About Our Logo Design Process.

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Need To Redesign or Design a New Website?

Whether you’re starting a business or improving the way your business interacts online, our policy is to always start by evaluating your website. You’re probably saying, “how can you evaluate my website if I don’t have one?” Part of evaluating your website is really evaluating your business in order to determine everything about how your website should look, feel, engage your audience, funnel traffic and motivate an action.

Our web design is based on solid planning and strategy, built for engagement, developed for goals and conversions and backed by expert UX/UI web developers and online marketing to ensure success.

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Need Product Packaging Design?

Launching a new product is exciting and scary all at the same time. It can also be expensive and the retail environment is a pretty unforgiving environment for failed attempts. That’s a lot of pressure and if you’re new to selling products in the retail environment there’s a whole lot to discover with packaging your product. In all of our years, we have never seen a product just get up and sell itself — though many of our clients come here expecting that. One thing we don’t sell here are illusions. Selling even the best of products is difficult. It takes time to build a reputation, trust. . . a brand. The first hurdle you will have to overcome is getting people to take you seriously. One thing you can count on is that we take you seriously and we can help guide you through this process.

If you require packaging design, please take a look at our package design page, where we try to answer many common questions and provide a little guidance for what you can expect. If you want to speak to an actual person about your project, please just give us a callwe’d love the opportunity to get to know you.

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What Happens After Design?

It’s one thing to have great design assets, but what do you do with them and how do you get more eyes on your business? Many agencies wash their hands of you after the design portion is done. Like we mentioned earlier, we’re in a partnership. Our success is tied directly to your success and that’s why we won’t abandon you.

We offer continued support in a wide variety of ways to help grow your business. It’s hard to wear all the hats when managing a business, so we’re hear when you need things printed, when you need product photography, trade show materials, website updates, finely crafted content, ongoing content for PR and community engagement, proprietary analytic tracking and lead landing software, PPC and media placement to drive traffic and build brand awareness, and we’re hear to help you with creating a marketing strategy that’s right for you.

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Do You Offer Printing Services?

We really try to eliminate the need for you to piece together the elements you need from different vendors. We can design it and print it for you. Seriously, if it’s printed on paper, we offer professional and superior quality 4-over offset printing. You can view a small sampling of the most common print items on our printing services page, but if you have something custom we can quote that for you too. What if you need a trade show booth or display? Not a problem, you may want to check out our trade show booth and display catalog here.

We know there is a lot of information on our website — it’s our goal to provide the best information to help you make an informed decision. That being said if you’re sick of reading, just call us if you have any questions. 541-773-3351

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Getting Visible: Online Marketing for Your Business

When comparing agencies, the biggest thing that sets us apart is the fact that we truly are “white glove”. What exactly does that mean? What that means to our partners, is that we dot every “i” and cross every “t” when it comes to the development of your business, brand or product. When we provide a quote for a job, it covers you start to finish, no add-ons or unexpected service fees. There’s a certain level of security that our clients feel, knowing that we can help make their business successful not just where design is concerned, but when it comes to actually engaging customers for conversions. We provide high quality content for marketing materials, PPC and remarketing services to make sure your business is in front of your customers at all times and with the right message, as well as email marketing and seo strategies.

Learn more about our marketing services here.

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