Essentials of Effective Marketing Collateral

Create Effective Brand Messaging & Create Consistency.

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  • Step 1: Your Value Proposition

    The number 1 marketing hurdle that any company faces is identifying an effective value proposition and then clearly communicating it to customers. Stanley Hainsworth, creative VP of Starbucks, said it best; “everything you say and release must be the cumulative expression of your brand message.”

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  • Step 2: Getting the Message Right

    We talk about defining your audience all throughout this website and that’s because you can’t effectively speak to your audience without fully understanding who they are and what they’re about. Our mission is to create a simple and effective message, a brand promise if you will, that resonates with your audience. Your marketing materials will define your value and where you fit into the marketplace utilizing a consistent tone and message.

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  • Step 3: Design & Application

    Once the primary brand messaging is established, it’s time to make sure the design and materials match the value of your brand. Consistency in your brand message affects the type of paper you use, is reflected in how quickly your website loads and affects how your audiences responds to your marketing materials. Prospects, clients, vendors, and competitors make assessments about your company’s offering, value proposition, and quality sometimes purely based on a communication piece.  This will have direct effects on sales margin, prospecting, and inbound marketing tactics, so maybe it’s time we talked.

Drive Your Message Home.

Whether it’s in print or on the web, consistent messaging is key.


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