Make Money Blogging – 5 Paths to Success

Do you want to make money blogging? Do you already have good traffic and a following?

If you’ve got a blog with traffic and a following, why not make money blogging? These 5 steps will help you start making money with your blog!

make money blogging

Today I am going to illustrate 5 paths to success to make money blogging. Once you start following these steps, generating revenue will be much easier. Moreover, these 5 paths to success are simple and straightforward.

1. Advertising Income

This is a key way to make money blogging. It’s easy for bloggers to adopt this method of making money from their blogs. It’s very similar to that of how magazines or daily papers make money by selling ads. If you’ve built an audience in a specific niche, then there are going to be plenty of people willing to pay you just to gain exposure to reach that audience.

To make money by advertising, you can apply with Google AdSense and other such ad networks which act as a middleman and enable you to run ads on your blog.

2. Affiliate Income

Another popular way to make money blogging is through some type of Affiliate program. Many bloggers make a decent income through this method. To make it simple for you to understand affiliate income – it is a way to link your post or picture to a product that is available for sale on another site. If someone clicks on your link and visit the website for purchase, you will get a certain fixed percentage of total profit made.

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Affiliate marketing

Affiliate programs are a great way to make money and they’re easy to sign up. If you have loyal visitors, chances of making money from it are great. Some of the popular affiliate programs are Amazon, Clickbank and you can find many more with a simple Google search.

You can look at the example of to see how affiliate marketing works. This blog has a right amount of traffic and generates revenue out of it.

3. Events

This technique is something which not all bloggers adopt. However, individual bloggers I have been following make money by running events on their blog.

If you have a decent amount of daily visitors and your viewer engagement is solid, running events is a legitimate choice to make money from your blog.

Two GREAT examples of generating money through events are SmartPassiveIncome and also ProBlogger Conference. ProBlogger hosts many bloggers every year and various small meet-ups too. They make money by charging readers to attend the event or searching for the sponsors for the event.

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4. Recurring Income

This is a comparatively new method of generating income from blogging. Recently, I have observed that some very clever bloggers are turning towards recurring income methods. This income method is also termed as membership programs or continuity programs.

The way this works is by enticing your readers with super high quality blog content first. Once you have a viewer engaged you can then make it a point to provide them with EVEN MORE VALUABLE content by registering for you blog with a paid subscription. As an example, maybe you have a career blog for which you can charge $10 per month by giving access to a job board on your website. A startup blog can charge for providing access to forums where businesses can get personalized advice.

5. Sell Products

Making money through affiliate marketing and advertising is great.  You can start by selling e-Books, courses and various other virtual products that can be used by your readers. I know, it may take some time to produce the content, but it will undoubtedly generate good revenue.

You can not only sell e-books and courses but also consider selling software, news and various other virtual products. Another method of earning is selling physical products. Having a great blog makes selling products an easy way to make money!
One of my favorite examples of a successful blogger converting blogging into a product is DigitalDeepak. Starting with a successful blog has allowed Deepak Kanakaraju to very successfully sell his blogging/marketing expertise as a guest speaker world-wide.

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6. Paid Guest Posts

I’m pretty sure everyone knows the importance of backlinks. If you have a blog with good traffic, making money by offering paid guest posts can be advantageous. You can pitch to various bloggers and charge them anywhere from $5-$100 per guest post for high quality original content. Often these blog post contributors would like a DO-Follow backlink to their site for their efforts, but this can be a very lucrative way to increase your own blog content.

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Final Thoughts

As your blog grows, you can keep an eye out for more methods to make money blogging. Going for direct and indirect revenue can also be an excellent method to get hands on cash. Having a successful blog is an open door to money making opportunity from ads, products and even your own services.