Pixel’s Custom Logo Design Portfolio

People ask us all the time if we design logos. . . Yes, we design logos. The real question is do you just want a logo or do you want a brand image? What’s the difference? The difference is the impact and impression you make on your potential clients and customers. A logo is important, no doubt, but having a logo designed is simply one element to creating a successful brand. There are plenty of logo design companies out there willing to slap something together for a couple hundred bucks. We design logos, but we do so much more than that, we build an image and a message that people can get behind. We do research, we create meaningful concepts and we don’t stop until our clients are happy. What’s our style? Our style is customer satisfaction, period. This is our custom logo portfolio. These are logos we like to show. Don’t look at our portfolio as a selection of design solutions for your company. Your solution isn’t herewe haven’t created it yet.