Logo Design: How to Use Negative Space Designing Logos

Logo Design one of the first steps in building a brand identity, learn how to use negative space effectively when designing logos.

creative logo design using negative space


Tips to Utilize Negative Space in Logo Design and Its Impact on the Overall Brand Image With Examples


When you start your business it is vital to understand the significance of your logo. It’s an important symbol and you have to understand how it’s going to tie together the rest of your brand messaging elements.


It doesn’t matter if you have a small or large business, brand identity is crucial to differentiate you from the competition and you should think of the logo design as the focal point for this concept. This is exactly why bigger companies spend tens of thousands of dollars with professional brand design agencies for their logo design.

Do you have to spend tens of thousands? Of course not.

What you do need to do is make sure that you use a logo design company with the experience to create a logo with impact and meaning as it pertains to your businesses specific messaging and goals.


Furthermore, there are a lot of things that need to be taken care of while making a logo. Such as proper use of colors, fonts, shapes. Even the negative space which we usually ignore in the logo design also has great importance. Negative space in the design of a logo is just as important as the logo mark itself when use properly.


Negative spaces are nothing but the area which is left unused in the design. That being said, unused space can still be used to convey a message or to showcase the creativity of the designers. Many fail to make the best use of the negative space, but in this post we’re going to focus on that solely during the process of logo design. 

Tips to utilize negative space

1. Find the space with shapes


Undeniably, shapes are the most important part of the whole logo design, but creative graphic designers can expand upon those shapes to make something truly impactful with that negative space

fedex logo negative space

Image source


One of the most well know and most powerful examples of this is the FedEx logo. This brilliant designer uses the space in between the letter E and X to illustrate the company’s valuable brand message. The straightforward arrow shows the working of the company as a courier delivery service.

This is how creative graphic design delivers exponentially in communication, by utilizing the unused space between the letters.  

2. Clever use of shadow

Another crucial tip that you can follow to make a business logo design with negative space. It’s hard to believe that shadow can be your primary factor to make the aesthetic design, but it’s true. 

shadow to create negative space

Image Source


To better understand how it works, let’s consider a 3D object in your mind which is placed in front of the light source. It’s placed in such a way that only one side is illuminated with the light and another is shadowed. The image above will help illustrate this logo design concept: the illuminated yellow area is your negative space and the solid black shadow is the other. Hence, even the shadow is important to craft an outstanding logo design with negative space.


03. Overlapping the objects

using negative space in logos

Image source


Overlapping objects is another crucial tip that will surely help you in making an appealing business logo design with negative space. Basically, logos consist of plenty of objects inside it each with different sizes. So, you need to make the best use of it.


If there are two objects placed adjacent to each other then make sure one is with the negative space and another is with the positive space. It lets you differentiate two objects along with allowing you to illustrate the message cleverly. 


The overlapping technique can give the best result in the typography logo. When the company name is used as the logo then you can change the text color of any of the letters. Thus, this is how you can utilize overlapping objects to make a logo with a negative space.

4. Words in images & Images in Words

think logo negative space

Image Source

Creating powerful images in words or vice versa, is another very important way that you can create stunning logo design with negative space. It seems like a simple technique, but is much more difficult to implement. That being said, when done correctly it can definitely give you wonderful results.


This logo design technique can be used in a variety of ways ie: silhouetting an image into the text as shown above or reversing text out of an image. It can also be achieve by using contrasting colors or slight color differentiation. When done properly — it’s impactful. 

Impact of negative space in Logo Design

  • Legibility


Negative space in between the various components makes it easy to visualize. A proper amount of negative space makes it easy to locate the various elements easily. For instance, when you use more than one font in the single design without leaving space in between then it becomes difficult to differentiate both. 


Space between the elements in the logo design lets the viewers differentiate it. Otherwise, it confuses them. Readability is very important no matter what type of logo design you are using to understand it or else it is just the combination of colors, fonts, and shapes. Therefore, this is how clever use of negative space lets you enhance readability.

  • Attention


You have a great opportunity to impress the customers and capture their attention with the help of clever use of negative space. Designers need to be creative to use it which nobody has ever seen and that would be your key factor to outshine in the market. 


Proper use of negative space increases the visual and lets the viewers focus on the primary elements of the custom logo design. Thus, this is how negative space can be used to attract people. 

Wrapping up


Well, any company should not ignore the significance of the logo design. It let your brand differentiate from the other uniquely. In this competitive market, having a strong brand identity is necessary to capture the attention of others, and for that business logo design can be the best solution.


The above-mentioned points let you craft outstanding logos with negative space, it’s one of the forms of logo. Follow these tips carefully to get the best logo for your brand. When in doubt, reach out for professional assistance.