Local SEO for Lawyers to Find Clients and Grow Their Practice

Local SEO for lawyers is essential and competitive, with CPC ranging anywhere from $8 to $1,000 for lawyer related terms, it makes sense to rank organically, find out how.


Local SEO for Lawyers

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Just how essential is local SEO for lawyers?

OntheMap.com states that Organic search generates 66% of the call conversion in the legal sector, further, it had a conversion rate of over 4% compared with the overall 2.4% rate of all the seven types of channels analyzed.


Digital marketing has become a necessary component of any law firm’s strategy. Search engines have changed the way the world searches for products and services. 

As more people search online, it has become necessary for lawyers to optimize their practice to rank higher in these search results. The goal is to attract local businesses while boosting the practice’s online visibility and ranking.

Here we will discuss some of the benefits of local SEO for lawyers and some strategies for success.

Clear Benefits of Local SEO for Lawyers

1. More Local Clients


Most firms serve a specific area. They often practice in their state’s courts, with only large firms having a national practice. Local SEO helps attract local clients. Through search results, local consumers often find their nearest injury law firm. They can then contact the firm with any concerns they may have. To get the attention of local consumers, create a website that addresses local concerns and interests. Research what questions potential clients in your area are asking online. Develop a long-form article that addresses these questions, and share it on social media. This will draw local consumers to your law firm.


2. More Online Traffic


Local search results often show the most recent content on a business’s website. As people find your website through search results, they are more likely to explore the site and determine if they are interested in your services. The more web traffic you receive, the better your chance of converting new business opportunities. To develop high-quality leads and generate more traffic, create content that engages users. Videos, podcasts, and other multimedia content can also bring traffic to your site. High-quality traffic means more clients. Create pages of interest to local consumers to get them to your site.


3. To Help Manage Your Online Presence


Local search allows your law firm to manage its online presence efficiently. You need an up-to-date website. A professionally developed website will help you manage your online presence while attracting local consumers to your services. Use a professional local SEO company to build your website. Your social media presence should also be up to date. This includes Twitter, Facebook, and many other popular social media sites. 


4. Easy to Implement


The internet has changed the way business is done. Companies must adapt their strategies to meet current market needs. Local SEO has made it simple for firms to implement modern digital marketing strategies at a low cost. This can be done through a website, social media accounts, and press releases. A reputable digital marketing company will assist you in developing your local SEO strategy. They can also manage the web design process while providing important optimization feedback. Read the law firm SEO guide from Dagmar Marketing to get tips on implementing your campaign.


5. Easy to Measure Success


Several tools provide insight into your firm’s local search ranking. You can use these tools to measure the effectiveness of your strategy. You can monitor web traffic, client conversions, keywords, and more. Leverage this data to improve the effectiveness of your strategy. Use it to determine what content works and what content falls flat. Through local SEO, you can also measure how well your firm performs online compared to its competitors.


6. Affordable and Effective


With the cost of advertising online on the rise, it is more important than ever to find a way to get the word out about your law firm. Local SEO is one of the most cost-effective strategies. While it certainly requires a financial investment, these costs are often paid back in the form of new clients. Traditional forms of advertising, like television and radio, have become more expensive over time. You can achieve the same results with less expense when you use local SEO. You can develop a strategy that exceeds your needs through strategic planning and professional development.


7. Brand Awareness


The brand is what people see when they are searching online. Law firms should work to develop a brand that is familiar and trustworthy. Creating this brand takes time and effort, but the benefits can be significant. When your clients hear about your firm through an online search, they will know it is reputable. Online reviews and comments help to reinforce your brand. This increases the likelihood of additional business opportunities. Build a detailed brand strategy that outlines the online presence you want your law firm to have. This will help you develop a local SEO strategy that aligns with this vision.


8. Overcoming Competition


Local search results often provide a window into the world of competitors. You can see what keywords they are bidding on and how they rank. This provides insight into the strategies they use to compete against you. Maintain a presence in local SEO even if you are competing with a more prominent, established law firm. You may have to work harder, but you can compete and win business using local SEO. Analyze what they are doing online, and match them with your strategy. If you both want to rank in the same top 3, you may need to pick an easier keyword than their primary keyword. You can also position yourself to rank for some of their keywords simply by assigning your firm a new tag. Refrain from competing with similar keywords. This will only dilute your visibility.


9. It is a Long-term Strategy


Local SEO for Lawyers will yield great results when followed correctly and with the proper focus. It’s a long-term strategy that you must continue to adapt throughout your online history. You should measure against other firms and then build on these tips. Don’t expect immediate results. Instead, continue to work on your strategy throughout. This will ensure you are ranked in search results for years to come. Keep your eyes open for opportunities to invest in your firm’s strategy. By researching new technologies, you can ensure you stay front and center in search results.


How to Set Up Your Local SEO for Law Firms



The process of creating your Google My Business account is free and very easy to do. Follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Go to https://www.google.com/business
  2. Click on “Manage Now”
  3. Enter the name of your company

If the name of your company location appears while typing in your company name, select it. This way, click on ‘Claim this business’ in order to claim and verify your rights over that particular business. Otherwise, create a new business name.


Type in the full address of your business. If you provide delivery services for goods to your customers, check its box.


The location should match exactly to your company’s business.




Before your Google My Business listing appears on all Google platforms, you will need to perform verification for it.

This verification procedure can be performed via the following methods;

  • Requesting a postcard at your business address
  • Requesting a phone call or text at your business contact number
  • Requesting an email at your business email ID
  • Instant verification – Get instantly verified using Google Search Console
  • Video verification – Get verified by having a video call with a Google My Business specialist

Congratulations! At this point, you have now officially created/claimed your Google My Business account. You can now enjoy the various benefits of having your business name appear on Google Maps and Search.


Your Google My Business Listing is the key component to local search and once you get it set up you’re ready to move on to some more advanced steps in gaining visibility locally. Take a look at these posts:




Law firms are uniquely positioned to succeed through local SEO. Look for a company with experience in these marketing strategies. They can help you navigate the process of online development and preparation. With a little focus and effort, local SEO can help your firm establish itself as a leader in the community.