List of Best AI Writers of 2021 for Business Marketing

Some of the most viewed Facebook Ads, and Blog Posts are written by AI, here is a list of the best AI writers you can put to work for marketing.

List of Best AI Writers of 2021

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Artificial Intelligence might be playing a big role in some industries, but it’s only making its first steps in writing. Crafting a good text from nothing is a very creative task which is probably why AI writing still has so much room for growth.

That being said, there are already some AI writing tools that marketers and business owners are using on a daily basis. Here’s everything you need to know about the options currently available on the market and the best AI writers of 2021.

Why Should You Use AI Writers?

Before we get started, it’s worth understanding why AI writers exist at all and why they can be useful to marketers and business owners.

Here are some reasons why you should use AI writers in your strategy:

  • They can create repetitive pieces of text in bulk which saves time and simplifies the process of content creation.
  • They can help writers generate new ideas for content and thereby solve the issue of writer’s block.
  • They can personalize content by analyzing past customer behavior and data to create customized texts.

As you can see, there are many benefits of AI writing. Once you consider them, it’s easy to see why AI writing is gaining more attention from businesses and individuals alike. We understand that businesses and entrepreneurs don’t have time to check out every tool that could help their business; which is why we’ve put together a well researched list of the best AI writers for you.

What follows are the ten best AI writing tools of 2021 to help you with content creation.

#1 Grammarly

You’ve probably heard of Grammarly one way or another.

This free proofreading tool can be used on their website or can be installed as an extension. It’s perfect for checking your text for any grammar, spelling, punctuation, and wording issues even as you write.

Because it helps you detect awkward wording, Grammarly can help you improve the flow of your text as well. Moreover, you can set specific parameters for the tool (e.g. US English or Australian English, friendly or serious tone) that further help it improve your writing. Grammarly can also check your texts for plagiarism, but special features like this already come with the paid premium version.

#2 ProWritingAid

Another popular proofreading and editing tool is ProWritingAid.

Unlike Grammarly which is quite versatile, ProWritingAid is more niche-specific and is mostly suitable for checking academic texts. The tool checks grammar and spelling but can also detect style issues. In fact, you can choose from a thousand different styles to set the parameters for your text.

After checking your text, ProWritingAid offers writing suggestions as well as related articles, videos, and quizzes. To improve the flow of your text, the tool identifies pieces of text that are redundant, vague, or lengthy. ProWritingAid also has a free extension available, but you can upgrade to one of the paid plans.

#3 Jarvis

Experts from the best writing service reviews sites will probably tell you just how great this next tool is (and not just because its namesake in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is also an AI-based piece of tech). Interestingly, Jarvis can be used to write anything from blog posts to poems by mimicking your style of writing.

When using the tool, you simply start typing and Jarvis finishes the sentence for you with proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. The tool offers a range of valuable features that will further aid you during the writing process. You can start using Jarvis with a free trial and then choose between one of their paid plans.

#4 Rytr

Rytr is yet another powerful AI writing tool that can write anything from emails to blog posts to ad copy.

If you are someone who likes to write and edit on the go, this tool is for you because it is fully mobile optimized and can be used on mobile devices anytime anywhere.

In addition to that, Rytr works in multiple languages, including English, German, Spanish, and Portuguese. There is documentation and webinars available for learning how to use the tool with the most efficiency. While you can test it with a free trial, the pricing then starts at $19 per month.

#5 Writesonic

If you are looking for more than just content generation, then you will probably fall in love with Writesonic. This tool comes with a bunch of useful features, including article summarization, rewriting, and more. The best type of content to generate with the tool is marketing copy for social media ads, but you can create other types of content with it too.

Once you input all the necessary information, Writesonic will instantly generate the text you want. Of course, it has an in-built grammar checker to help you with proofreading and editing. The tool also supports multiple languages, including English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese, and Polish. You can start with the free trial and then choose between their paid plans.

#6 Articoolo

Professional content creators from the custom writers sites will probably know something about this tool. Articoolo is by far one of the best AI writing tools for generating WordPress articles and blog posts. In fact, you can get a special WordPress plugin to help you with writing your texts.

The tool can be used for writing new articles or rewriting existing ones. Interestingly, there are two ways you can pay for Articoolo. You can either get a monthly subscription or you can get one of the pay-per-use plans.

#7 AI Writer

AI Writer is exactly what its name suggests – it is an AI writing tool. This one is particularly great for writing SEO texts and other pieces for content marketing purposes. You enter a headline or keyword, and the tool generates the text you want. Additionally, you can use the tool for rewriting articles.

The best thing about AI Writer is that it works on multiple platforms (Windows, macOS, Android, Apple) and has multiple exporting options (Medium, WordPress, iCloud, Dropbox, etc.) There is a free trial before you have to choose between the paid plans.

#8 Wordtune

Instead of focusing on grammar or spelling, Wordtune dedicates all of its attention to the context and semantics of your text. This makes the tool perfect for content rephrasing and rewording allowing you to make your writing more engaging and easy to understand.

Wordtune also comes with a number of valuable features, including real-time thesaurus suggestions, multi-language word finder, social media integration, and more. Much like Grammarly, Wordtune can be used for free, but if you want to access advanced features, then you’ll have to select a paid plan.

#9 Linguix

When it comes to professional tools for business, Linguix is arguably among the leaders. The tool can check your writing’s grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style. However, it also checks your text for clarity, engagement, and professionalism.

Linguix will work well for businesses and individuals alike and can be used on a variety of platforms. The paid plans you can choose from come with a variety of additional features that will further help you improve your texts.

#10 Sassbook

Last but not least, Sassbook is an AI writing tool for generating articles and reviews. The tool asks you to provide it with a prompt and a few (optional) keywords before it generates a few paragraphs for you. If you like the paragraphs, you can enter the next prompt and let the tool create some more text for you.

An interesting feature of Sassbook is that it likes to add a flair to your writing by adding links. You can then choose to keep or remove them. The tool is free first but has paid plans that unlock most of its features.

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All in all, AI writing tools are still in their early stages of development. However, there are already some pretty solid options available when it comes to AI writing tools for day-to-day tasks. Use this list to help you find the best fit for you and start using AI writing in your own strategy.