9 Tips For Launching A PPC Advertising Campaign For Your Business

What should you focus on when launching a PPC advertising campaign, find out how to do it right in this post.

launching a PPC advertising campaign


PPC advertising is a great method for startup companies to quickly expand and grow their strategies. But the best results can be expected from a planned and well-executed PPC strategy.  


If you have run PPC ads or are thinking of incorporating a PPC expert as part of your team, you probably already know that PPC can be a tricky subject. To shed some light on the topic, the following article is going to cover all the important tips and tricks you need to set up and launch your PPC advertising campaign without exceeding your budget parameters.  


1. Consider your competitor’s brand terms 


No one has a monopoly on online advertising space and this is especially important when considering how you will match the efforts of your toughest competition in the same niche. This is why you need to begin by targeting the users that your competitors are targeting.

Here is how to get started.  


Begin by conducting keyword research and investigate brand names and all the search tags that users will enter into the search terms when looking for your competition. 


Next, create a tactic that provides proof of your brand’s relevancy. This can be a landing page that explains to your target audience why you are the better option.  Present all the advantages of your company and contrast them with the flaws in your competition.  


Of course, you need to make sure that you never attack your competitions directly. Just state the facts as you see them and allow your audience to make their own decisions.  


2. Nurture leads and maximize the top of the funnel 


While many people assume they will get the best results by focusing on keywords that are close to the conversion moment, it is equally advantageous to try the opposite and avoid the fierce competition at the bottom of the funnel. Targeting the top-of-the-funnel keywords will also allow you to maximize the efficiency of your ad campaign since you will be targeting an area where the competition is not.  


The important goal with launching a PPC advertising campaign is that you will be connecting with prospects early in the game, before they are set to make purchase decisions. This is called the art of nurturing.  


One good way to go about doing this is to offer your audience something of value for FREE. This type of offer makes a strong connection with your prospect and makes them favorable to your brand and products.  Because you are using top of the funnel keywords, it will be easier to make some good connections with your leads before your competitors even get a chance to begin.  


It has been proven that offering free resources is a good way to increase the chances of conversion.  


3. Leverage credibility to convert visitors to leads 


When launching a PPC advertising campaign leveraging credibility is a good trick to use with ads but it works even better with your landing pages. Allow your visitors a glimpse of your high-level of credibility. Here is where you can showcase a sample of your past and present partnerships, including top-brands, endorsements, awards and client testimonials.  


All of these important elements offer a social proof that your potential customers will greatly appreciate.  


4. Use long-tail keywords 


Long-tail keywords are not restricted to SEO use. As a matter of fact they work especially well in the PPC scene as well. Searchers will typically use long-tail keywords when they are serious about making a purchase. For example, “windshields’ ‘ and “affordable windshields in La Hoya” are both keywords, but that latter indicates the buyer is already in need and ready to make a purchase. 


Furthermore, using long tail keywords will allow you to avoid facing the competition directly while also increasing your chances of converting more leads. So, better to use specific keywords than vague keywords that can be very costly and equally ineffective.  


5. Find an Easy Point of Entry 


The Point of entry is where your visitor will emerge from their research and get ready to take action. Typically, this is the landing page. Keeping your landing page optimized greatly facilitates this conversion.  


Landing pages can be optimized through test-drives, trials, and even freemium content for those that sign up. You can also offer countless deals, discounts and other services. The goal is to ensure that anyone arriving at this point will know exactly what to do and how to take action.  


6. Low competition keywords and downloadable content 


As mentioned, you can attract many customers to your brand and products by offering valuable content, so, why not downloadable content. Just like the long-tail keyword idea, these plans work best in the long run.  


Offering FREE downloadable content allows you to attract those visitors coming in from finding your long-tail keyword scheme. They will then be directed to FREE content and be one step closer to making a conversion. This is also a great way to collect email addresses which is an important source of fresh leads and can be contacted through your emailing programs.   


If you have the time and patience, this is a considerably potent plan.  


7. Move up in the funnel 


When you are doing your keyword research, always look for the most untapped possibilities. High competition keywords are not always the most cost-effective. Instead, try to consider the intent of the users and how your audience is using the search engine. This is the first step in moving further up in the funnel which requires an intense understanding of the keywords you are using.  


8. Use Google Audiences 


If you are looking for the catalyst that will change everything around, look no further than Google Audiences. This tool in itself can be used to monitor groups related to your audience and help you best apply your PPC strategies to reach this audience.  


9. Prioritize optimizing for revenue 


The whole point of running PPC ads is NOT to get more clicks on your landing page. These campaigns can provide you with invaluable data that can be applied to fine-tuning your PPC campaign for higher cost-efficiency. Always analyze the patterns and tendencies you see and you will get a better idea of what type of campaigns and marketing actions are the most effective.



PPC campaigns continue to be one of the most results-oriented and performance-driven ways to capture attention and drive conversions online. Following these tips when launching a PPC advertising campaign will get you started on the right fool. However, getting consistently great results from PPC campaigns requires constant study and evolution to adapt to smarter techniques.