Is It Worth Investing In PPC Campaigns?

I have a limited budget, is it worth investing in PPC Campaigns to generate new business? Find out in this post.

Is It Worth Investing In PPC Campaigns

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If you’re like most business owners, your time is precious and you don’t want to spend it on Google AdWords.

However, when your competitors are bidding for the same keywords as you, there’s no way around it: PPC campaigns will help generate more traffic and sales than organic search results alone.

The question then becomes: “How much should I budget?”

The simple answer is, more than you think. The best way to get started with PPC is by creating a test campaign for one month of advertising. We’ve got the numbers to back it up too – if your goal is customer acquisition, investing just $10 per new customer will be profitable over time (eMarketer).

PPC agencies are the perfect solution for companies that want to stay on top of their game when it comes to advertising. You can get more out of your marketing campaigns by working with a PPC agency in CT. Not only will you be able to blast through your competition in no time, but you will also have an advantage over them when it comes to bidding on keywords and targeting specific demographics. With so many options available in this day and age, why would anyone want to go at things alone?

Advantages of Different Types of PPC Campaigns

While it may be tempting to try them all, you’ll find that some types work better for certain products or services. Before you begin an AdWords campaign, do your research and look at what’s working for competitors in your industry, as well as the keywords they are using to drive traffic.

Your goal is to outrank them with a higher Quality Score. That said, here are the three main types of pay-per-click ads:

1. Product Listing Ads :

As their name implies, these ads highlight specific products for sale on Google Shopping – that means if someone searches “red car,” not only will they see your ad that links directly to the product page (and along with that, a price and user reviews), they also see price comparisons to your competitors.

2. Sitelinks :

These ads appear as additional links below the primary result – so people who search “pink car pictures” will see your ad appear as well as two site links for keywords related to their query (e.g., pink car page and “used cars”).

3. Text Ads:  

As you probably guessed, these are regular text-based ads, which can include images/pictures, product names or logos in addition to written descriptions of what they are selling. You have greater control over formatting here than any other type of PPC campaign on Google AdWords . They are usually optimized for search terms in the form of [keyword] + [location/age/gender].

The Key To PPC: Advanced Targeting Options

Targeting options for all three types of ads include location (city, state, country), language and age.

You can even exclude your competitors by using negative keywords, such as “used,” “cheap,” or “discount.” However, keep in mind that these words could potentially be used by someone looking to find a deal on your product so it’s best to test what works best for your particular campaign.

Once you’ve defined your target customers and narrowed down your list of keywords with Google Keyword Planner , you’re ready to start setting up an AdWords account . Remember to establish a budget as well as a timeline for this test campaign before you begin.

Once you have a paid search ad that’s driving traffic to your site, pay attention to how long people are staying on your site and whether or not they’re completing the conversion process. This will help inform you about what types of ads work best for your target audience, as well as which keywords convert into sales.  

So What’s The Best Way To Measure AdWords Success?

While a large initial boost in sales is a great sign that an AdWords campaign is working, it doesn’t tell the whole story. To find out what kind of return on investment (ROI) various pay-per-click campaigns have compared to non-PPC advertising methods. Once your ads are approved, pay close attention to the metrics provided, paying special attention to clicks and conversions. These will tell you whether or not PPC is worth investing in for your company .

If it is working , congratulations, you’ve just made a valuable investment – one that could pay off big time. Keep going by allocating more of your marketing budget towards pay-per-click advertising and continue watching those numbers rise! If not – give it another month with slightly different keywords before abandoning the strategy altogether.   


So. is it worth investing in PPC campaigns for you?

Pay per click is one of the most effective and efficient digital marketing strategies which can help you to grow your business rapidly. All you need is a bit of patience, and some sound knowledge about pay per click and its various components and above mentioned factors for pay per click success. We hope that this article provides enough information on pay per click agency that would help you to implement a pay per click strategy with ease .