Best Instagram Tips for Graphic Design Professionals 

Instagram for graphic design professionals is a match made in heaven in terms of promoting your work and skills for new leads, get the best tips here.

Best Instagram Tips for Graphic Design Professionals

Proving your mettle as a graphic design professional among the many other creatives on Instagram is a tough nut to crack. If you know the rules of the social media game, it’s not impossible.

The photo-sharing platform is best for creative graphic designers who want to reach out to clients, both local and global. Now, this together with stunning graphic design on your digital portfolio with the apt use of tools will help you display your illustrations, logos, book cover design, and things like that. Therefore, if you have a graphic design business, your online portfolio on Instagram will professionally present your business. 

According to an article published on, if you are not making the most out of Instagram, you are missing something big. Did you know that the visual social site has more than a billion users and 500 hundred million individuals logging onto Instagram every day? Then, you need to learn how to use Instagram to promote your graphic design work to reap the maximum benefits.

Here are the best Instagram tips for graphic design professionals: 

Become more social than ever

Though it might sound too evident, you are on social media and want to promote your graphic design skills or services. Do not belittle the power of interaction on Instagram. It will help you build a rapport with your followers as well as other peers in this industry. With positive vibes communicated to the Instagram algorithm, you can even boost post effectiveness and performance on the photo-sharing site. Sounds good, huh?

When we are talking about being social, it means replying to user comments on your Instagram feed. It also implies visiting other graphic design profiles you follow and even communicating or chatting with people who are following you or using similar hashtags. As far as chat is concerned, it is not just about saying a “Hi” or “Hello,” or sending emojis. You will need to send candid and genuine replies to your followers if they inquire about your design services or skills. It will promote communication and if a few of these followers like your work, they might opt for your graphic design services. 

Add Relevant CTAs 

When it comes to Instagram, it comes with numerous options for graphic designers to include call-to-actions or CTAs to their profile. Therefore, if you are looking to reach out to clients, reap the maximum benefits out of such opportunities on Instagram. If you would like to learn more about Instagram marketing, visit

Besides integrating a link to your business website in the bio section, add CTAs in the caption segment as well. You can request people, prospective clients usually, to look at your profile, read your new blog, make their choice of preferred design, comment on your graphic design samples work, or something that would trigger user engagement. Make sure you know how to write effective simple, lucid, and convincing copy. 

If you are seriously into Instagram marketing and manage to have 10k followers, you can make the most of the ‘Swipe up’ option on Instagram Stories, which helps to guide your audience right to a particular graphic design services page of your website. 

Use your creativity to delight and engage your fans 

There are many to delight and drive user engagement on Instagram. Here is how: 

Use of catchy captions: Compose smart, catchy captions to grab the attention of your targeted audience. It could be a question, trivia about your products, or some humor surrounding your graphic design work. It will delight your followers and drive more engagement than ever. You will like reading the responses from your fans or followers. 

Contests, quizzes, or giveaways: Spoil your fans with contests, quizzes, or giveaways, as these methods prompt them to reply fast. Every one of us likes to win prizes or freebies. You can give a signed copy of your illustration work and post a photo of your follower on Instagram, who writes a witty caption for the illustration. The person will feel pampered and rewarded, thus driving engagement and more people will come to know about your graphic design skills. 

Show love to your followers: Try to build a community surrounding your graphic design work or business by featuring your customers and followers. Now, this depends on the kind of design services you offer, but you can think of creative and innovative ways to involve your fans. When they feel involved, it shows your love and you care for them. 

You can display a T-shirt that you designed with stunning graphics on the fabric that a follower has bought from you. Ask your follower how he or she feels wearing that T-shirt. It will make them feel involved. 

Final thoughts 

Now that you have these Instagram tips handy to promote your graphic design work, make the most of it. Post interesting content, pamper your followers and use effective CTAs to improve your social media presence and reach out to potential clients.