What Instagram Business Myths are Hindering Your Instagram Business Account?

Find Out the Most Common Instagram Business Myths that Prevent Businesses from Using Instagram Effectively in Marketing

What Instagram Business Myths are Stopping You?

Social media marketing is a fairly new concept, and it can be very confusing from time to time. Figuring out the right formula that will work every single time is impossible. There is no set of rules that will ensure your advertising success on any social media platform. But people do tend to share their experiences and tell you exactly what they did to make their marketing strategy work. Instagram is undoubtedly on a steady rise because the number of users is growing as we speak. Many businesses have recognized this, and they use this platform to promote their products or to communicate with the customers directly. But there are a several Instagram business myths, and they might be holding your business back.

One widespread Instagram business myth is that sharing content on Instagram will take too much of your time. While it might be true that editing the images and videos might be a bit tricky, if your marketing team does their research correctly, strategize, and plan everything, posting will be super-fast. Many big brands use these tactics, and they completed several advertising campaigns that included Instagram. There is no reason why this wouldn’t work for a smaller business as well. If you think that your target customer group is not using Instagram, you would be wrong.

There are over 800 million users that have an Instagram profile which means that you will find your audience there.

Social media marketing should be among your priorities because it is a great way to get your brand exposed to a large number of people. One study confirmed that 120 million users visited a business website through Instagram ads. It is important to mention that around 60% of users confirmed that they discovered useful products or services via Instagram. So investing your time in managing an Instagram profile for your business can be very useful.

People might still be hesitant to try Instagram for their business, and that is perfectly understandable. There are some misconceptions about this platform that could be putting them off. However, this Proessaywriting infographic debunks those myths, while providing you with the valuable information that will inspire you to create a business profile on Instagram, and begin marketing your products or services over there.

So let’s dive deeper into the subject, and learn the basics that will get you started in no time.

10 Myths About Instagram For Business