An Informative Guide to Office 365 Email Archiving

Microsoft Office 365 is the go-to email management software for many businesses; this guide will help you overcome the 365 pitfalls.

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Microsoft Office 365 has the potential to improve your company’s productivity and performance, and can grow alongside your business. However, one of the disadvantages of the flexible software suite is its email archiving, which lacks the security and functionality that most businesses will require to maintain compliance and regulatory challenges. It is therefore essential to invest in a cloud-based email archiving solution.

What is Email Archiving?

In the past, many companies have required their employees to maintain their personal email archives; however, cloud-based email archiving provides a more reliable solution, as it can save and protect the data contained in emails to be quickly accessed at a later point.

Why Do I Need an Email Archiving Solution?

With businesses gathering significant data on a daily basis, it can often take weeks or months to source an email; however, the IT department can manage the company email archive in bulk, so can locate an email in a matter of minutes, allowing a company to adhere to compliance legislation and discovery rules.

The Microsoft Office 365 Issues

As Microsoft Office 365 stores multiple copies of messages, redundancy can become a problem for a business, as the messages will live within the same environment; therefore, creating a single-point of failure. Office 365’s migrating and managing legacy email data archives can also be insufficient and is as limited as its compliance and eDiscovery abilities.

The Solution

To ensure you only receive the very best capabilities Microsoft 365 can offer, we recommend investing in an email archiving solution, such as the CloudFex Archive Microsoft 365 solution, which can provide efficient storage and management of emails, files and Lync IM conversations.

The eDiscovery features allow the business user to successfully produce and manage data throughout the company, which can improve both individual and company performance. IT-level support will also be made available to end-users seven days a week, 24 hours per day.

How to Find the Right Package

It is vital to contact a leading Microsoft 365 provider that can offer the correct package for your company’s requirements. Before you decide on an email archiving support or an advanced package, it is important to consider the strengths and weaknesses within your business to make an informed decision.

Review the hardware and software issues currently holding your company back, and speak to the IT department to discuss how you can improve productivity within the workplace.

You can therefore choose from a variety of packages to suit your requirements, such as Exchange Online Protection, Exchange Server 2016, Exchange Online Archiving and Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection.

So, whether you are concerned about security threats, data storage or compliance, you can guarantee there is a package to suit your company’s needs.


Email archiving can therefore ensure you meet your legal requirements, whilst improving efficiency and productivity. What’s more, you can simplify control, governance and security of data retention policies. Companies can also reduce business by costs, as they will not need to purchase expensive software or hardware solutions. It is therefore no surprise that small to medium-sized businesses are turning to the cloud-based solution.