Why is Influencer Marketing Important for Ecommerce Growth?

Influencer marketing is an effective marketing method for ecommerce businesses. Learn the benefits of influencer marketing for ecommerce growth in this article.

Influencer marketing for ecommerce growth


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At present, there are more than 12-24 million ecommerce platforms on the web. And this number is expected to grow in the future. So, if you are in this ecommerce business, you might want to up your game as soon as possible.

If you think you can work only with traditional marketing methods, you are so wrong!

In this digital marketing era, you need to take advantage of all the digital marketing methods.

One of the new methods that is getting popular with ecommerce platforms is influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing for an ecommerce platform can propel your sales to a new unexpected level. 

All you have to do is understand how it works and get started.

But if you are new to this thing and still skeptical about it, here is a short description about influencer marketing.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing for ecommerce growth means cooperating with influencers on social media to promote products and services.

The influencers work somewhat like your brand ambassadors.

Influencers generally have a vast audience. So, when you work with them, they will recommend your brand or products to their audience.

So, you’ll reach a large audience just by contacting a single influencer. 

But here is the thing, it doesn’t come for free. You need to convince the influencer with some sweet deal.

You also need to find the right influencer who works in your niche.

For example, Bigelow Tea, a well-known tea brand, partnered with Ashley at Cherished Bliss. 

She is a lifestyle blogger. 

She shared a recipe of Bigelow iced tea with lemonade ice cubes.

influencer marketing example

The promotion was through a recipe blog post. It helped Bigelow rank on the first page of Google for the keyword “ice lemonade drink.” 

In addition, this blog post got several backlinks from other lifestyle bloggers, which expanded the company’s reach.

Thus, Bigelow got a Cherished Bliss’s audience and more audience through the backlinking and high rank of the recipe post.

You can enjoy the same hike in reach if you do proper influencer marketing for your ecommerce platform.

But if you are still not sure, here are a few reasons that will convince you.

3 Reasons to Use Influencer Marketing for Your Ecommerce Business

I spoke with a few ecommerce business owners regarding influencer marketing. Some of them started working with influencers recently, and some have worked with them for years.

They have all given me the below reasons why they prefer influencer marketing for ecommerce business.

So, here they are:

People Believe Influencers

Do you know 92% of consumers believe influencers instead of ads? Since influencers are real people not directly associated with any brand, people tend to believe their words.

They consider their promotion genuine. 

Most influencers generally promote the products and brands they have tested themselves. Since they want to maintain the audience’s trust, they tend to work with brands that provide high quality products.  

So, most marketers consider influencer marketing as an effective marketing method for ecommerce growth.

However, you need to first convince the influencer about your product. Once you get a clear card on that, your influencer will happily promote your product to their audience.


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More Consumers on Social Media

There are about 4.2 billion social media users in the world right now. So it’ll be suicide for your business if you neglect social media. 

Some of the popular social networks are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more.

You need to consider these platforms for your marketing as well. Try to level up your social media marketing to get the most from these platforms. However, at the same time, you should work with influencers who are on these sites.

People spend about 145 minutes per day scrolling through social media platforms. They spend a portion of their social media time checking out their favorite influencers on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and more.

You must try to target these people through the help of influencers.

Helps Improve Your SEO

You need to pay attention to your SEO when you are working on your digital marketing.

Getting that highest rank on the Google search engine page will help your company stand out and gain massive traffic.

But do you know that even influencer marketing can help you with that?

Influencer marketing is somewhat like an off-page SEO tactic.

What happens is when you work with an influencer, he or she will add a link to your website in their content. So no matter what kind of content they create, video, audio, text, or more, they will have a link to your website.

So, you will get good referral traffic from these high domain score sites. But, at the same time, more people might use your link in the blog or content on their websites.

So, for instance, an influencer linked your website in their blog. When this influencer’s blog ranks on the Google search engine page, others will also want to link to your website.

Source: YouTube

It would create a massive number of high-quality backlinks.

When you have a good number of backlinks, Google will automatically rank your website higher for a few keywords.

This will improve your SEO and your brand awareness.

Here is a case.

Solitaired a popular card-game website, worked with different websites to get good number of referral backlinks. It helped it rank higher in Google for the keywords related to solitaire.

Ready to Use Influencer Marketing to Grow Your Ecommerce Businesses?

If you do influencer marketing for ecommerce businesses growth the right way, you’ll be able to make more sales instantly. However, the key is to select the influencers that align with your niche.

With a strategic influencer marketing strategy in place, you will be able to make better ROI, build brand awareness and get organic backlinks.

So, start with your influencer marketing strategy and comment your results in the section below.