7+ Instagram Ideas to Increase Follower Engagement

Try these strategies in your Instagram marketing to boost the ROI of your campaign and increase follower engagement and conversions.

Increase Follower Engagement

Photo by Souvik Banerjee on Unsplash


Everyone thinks about increasing their Instagram followers, likes, comments, etc. whether you are an influencer, marketer, brand, business owner, etc.


There are many existing approaches to increasing follower engagement on Instagram, but many people do not have enough time to give just to Instagram. Building organic followers is a time-consuming and constant process with a high risk of social backlash if you say the wrong thing. 


Increasing Instagram engagement is crucial for influencers and brands as it keeps a constant flow of likes, comments, shares, etc. making it easy for potential customers to find their accounts. With more than 4.2 billion additions of visual content daily, Instagram has proven to be the best to make your business discoverable.


When it comes to increasing follower engagement, it is important to understand that we look at the amount of interaction and involvement your content gets on Instagram on a daily basis. The level of interest people show towards your posts and stories indicates where and how your audience is engaging.

With all of this in mind, the rest of this post is going to show you some great ways to increase follower engagement.

9 Ideas to Increase Follower Engagement on Instagram

1. Leverage UGC on multiple touchpoints

Using Instagram’s many features gives you the opportunity to explore and provide a vast variety of ways to portray your intent and get reviews. Using poll, “ask me anything”, questions, stickers, etc. can be beneficial if used the right way. Brands have the option to leverage user-generated content on their social walls, digital screens, social ads, print media, etc. Brands also have the option of embedding Instagram Feed in their website to make visitors’ research seamless and improve conversion rates by displaying authentic content. You get an understanding of what your audience is looking for and provide useful information about what your brand is an expert in.

2. Structured Instagram Stories give you more mileage 

It is a proven fact that Instagram stories get more engagement than Posts. Using stories the right way can give your brand a lot of mileage, posting stories provides fresh and short content to your users. You have the option to categorize your stories into highlights which also stay on your profile. This is the perfect way to keep your users engaged, ultimately increasing your overall viewer impressions. Furthermore, adding those Instagram stories on your website is a great way to boost the shelf life of your content. 

3. Consistency is the key

Consistency being the most important part of your engagement is also quite challenging. Providing unique and entertaining content regularly is what shows how passionate your brand is about a given topic and provides your followers with motivation to stay connected with your profile. 

4. Branded Hashtags

Becoming a trendsetter is one of the biggest approaches to use for enhancing engagement. Coming up with your unique and banded hashtags can help bring a lot of attention to your brand and generate user-generated content which can be repurposed to your benefit. 

5. Make a single filter for your identity

60% of the most engaging brand content use the same filter which makes them stand out and allows the users to distinguish and recognize your content easily.

Some accounts just have a beautiful, cohesive look that makes you want to binge-stalk their feed for an hour.

Believe it or not, these people aren’t using a magical formula or hiring a high-end designer for their Instagram. Find out what they’re doing here.

6. Right frequency boosts loyalty 

Being passionate about your brand is good however, your audience needs to see what they want not what you have to offer. Constantly promoting your stuff to your audience can be harmful to your business. Provide your audience with valuable content about your new products, trends, etc. that will help them make favorable and beneficial purchase decisions. 

7. Give attention to get attention!

Keep track on your mentions and tags.

Use these user content and feature them in your stories or you can also curate all your mentions and transform them into a UGC video. This way you grab the attention of potential customers and encourage existing users to make favorable decisions. This is a great way to enhance engagement as people like it when brands give them attention, eventually encouraging their followers as well to follow you. 

8. Use video features like a pro

In 2020 a study showed that people spend 84 minutes dwelling on video content daily.

Videos provide efficacy and make your brand famous. Instagram provides dynamic features to brands and marketers that can be accommodated to make creative videos. You have the option to make standalone 1-minute videos or use IGTV for long videos. This way people stay on your profile for a longer period of time, making this a simple and effective to increase your engagement. 

9. Bring Authenticity to your content

You can be as clever, artistic, and funny as you want but nothing is greater than authentic content.

You want to bring value to your brand with aesthetics and genuine content. You can display behind-the-scenes, flop ideas, and bad images on your feed to show funny and real content. Post stories about others who have a successful similar product and encourage them. This shows you are a friendly competitor and respect others in the market.

Up to you!

The 9 points above are a proven roadmap to increase follower engagement on Instagram. All you have to do is implement these ideas in your feed. Provide your followers with aesthetic content and motivate them to repost your content. This is a great way to reach a vast audience. 


Using these ideas you will not only offer believable content but also encourage followers and even non-followers to become your brand advocates and eventually generated user-generated content which can be embedded in your website as well. 


Take full advantage of these ideas and see your brand engage followers and grow to a whole new level.