Using Authentic Content and Inbound Marketing to Reach Millenials

If you want Millenials to reach into their $200 billion sized pocket, your content and inbound marketing better be authentic.

Inbound Marketing to Reach Millenials

The number of millennials in the United States has hit the 80 million mark, meaning that they make up almost one quarter of the entire population. This, coupled with their $200 billion purchasing power, easily makes them the most lucrative market. It is for this reason that, as a marketer, you need to make millennials a priority and take time to learn what makes this generation tick.

In this article, we look into some modern tactics for inbound marketing to millennials and why these tactics will continue to be effective long into the future.

Empower them with authentic content

Research done by AdAge revealed that millennials are online for an average of 25 hours in a week and they have a strong preference for media that is content-driven.

They continually search though social media, blogs, and websites in an effort to find great content because it gives them a sense of empowerment.

Furthermore, once they find remarkable content, they will like, share, tweet, pin, comment, and forward it to their online community in order to spread the joy of empowerment.

That raises the question, what type of content appeals to this generation? Millennials trust content when they get the sense that it is authentic. Companies like New Skool Marketing understand this fact very well.

They are drawn to engage whenever they are part of interactions that occur in environments that are user-centric, with nearly half of them ranking authenticity over content. Nowadays, the buying behaviors of young shoppers are influenced by online and offline social circles, including online strangers with whom they share an interest on social media platforms.

Millennials maintain perpetual contact with these allies, so to speak, through their smartphones wherever they go. They put a lot of weight on relevant, authentic opinions from end users of products that they have or want. User-generated content heavily influences millennials’ purchase decisions, and most of them consider their peers’ opinions before making a purchase.

If your business is interested in effectively reaching this audience of people between 18 and 34, it is imperative that you speak their language. They pay attention when reading or hearing words that may have possibly emanated from their peers’ mouths because these messages inspire trust and comfort.

Providing millennials with authentic content that is sharable helps build a genuine and strong relationship between the millennials and your brand.

Inbound marketing

Millenials will support your brand provided it is committed to improving the lives of your customers through content that is informative. Millenials aren’t drawn to listings for services/products; they want quick tutorials, videos, blog posts, whitepapers, e-books, etc., all of which constitute inbound marketing.

They are highly appreciative of expertise and thought leadership, so take the opportunity to provide excellent content that yields high Google rankings and demonstrates to your young audience that you’re indeed an industry leader. This would work to your advantage as millenials trust experts and are heavily influenced by social media and blogs.

Millenials hold expert guidance in high regard, and by taking time to provide it, your brand would earn their appreciation and respect.