facebook marketingUsing Facebook for business purposes is undoubtedly the only reason the site is worth so much. If advertisers felt there was no money to be made by pushing their goods and services to the millions of casual users, Mr. Zuckerberg and company would be taking out payday loans to make rent instead of hiring people to count their cash.

That being said, not every business on Facebook is going to succeed. Even the huge brands spending a lot of money on the site work hard to achieve success. They still have beautifully designed fan pages, and they still take their content very seriously and focus intently on what the public sees.

There’s a lot you can learn from the big boys out there in terms of creating a user-friendly, effective Facebook page.

Tips on Bettering the Design and Popularity of a Facebook Page

1: Become a Storyteller

Someone seeing your content and updates in the news feed make them a customer or even a fan. At the moment, they’re just passers-by. What creates fans and ultimately customers is the information you provide, both in the feed and on your Facebook page. This is why it’s important to become a storyteller. Not in the Patterson sense with a lengthy novel. Think of a to-the-point summary that you want every user to be able to easily absorb upon reading your page. Timeline helps here a great deal with this, so use the tools already there to your advantage and tell a story about who you are and what you offer.

2: Use Photos Wisely

Research shows that photos do extremely well on Facebook to gain interest and to pile up the fans. Interesting photos, funny photos, and pretty  much anything original that’s related to the content will yield more likes, earn more shares, and receive more comments than any type of text or even video. Take care in selecting the photos to use for your page posts and other areas.

3: Concise, Congruent Posts

A post should be really short and very sweet. It needs to get to a point instantly. It has to inform without going into incredible detail. It also has to fit with the theme of your page and of your brand in general. According to Buddy Media Research, shorter posts have higher engagement rates up to 27% above longer posts. Advertising on Facebook can be done in multiple ways, and none of them require a wordy, lengthy post.

4: Ask Questions of Your Audience

Another way to get your engagement up around 15%, asking your audience a question after your post makes them feel engaged with the material. It’s tapping into the social context of Facebook by giving your audience something interactive. “Do you like this?” A question can be as simple as that and still up your engagement rate.

5: Skip the Promotion

If you have hundreds of words explaining your service in great detail and want your audience to read that, link them to your main site via your Facebook page. For Facebook in particular, skip over the self promotion. It can get very lengthy, which we’ve learned is bad page design, and it comes across as narcissistic and even phony. You don’t need to promote yourself so heavily if you do the other things correctly.

From the way your page is laid out to the number of words you’re leaving in your posts, there are many ways to increase the effectiveness of your Facebook page. Focus on making your page a social-friendly environment wherein people can enjoy the material instead of focusing on learning from it.

Authors Bio:

Eric Taylor is a business developer and a freelance writer for a Facebook ad campaign tool, which is Qwaya. The company focuses on building one of a kind tools for social media marketing most specifically for Facebook. Qwaya also provides high quality information, tools and up-to-date news about social media marketing and online business strategies.