4 Tips For Improving Your Google Ads Conversion Rates Right Now

Running Google Ads? Start improving your Google Ads conversion rates right now with these 4 awesome optimization tips.

Improving Your Google Ads Conversion Rates

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When it comes to advertising online, there are several options for businesses. Despite the many choices, PPC marketing (pay-per-click) continues to be one of the best. It can get your ads in front of the right people, all at a small cost. No matter the size of your business or your budget, you can take advantage of this model.


While getting clicks on your ads is great, you also want them to convert. This conversion could be anything from the sale of a product, to signing up for an email list or anything in between. Unfortunately, a low conversion rate is common amongst many businesses and can lead to a lot of wasted ad spend.


Without any further ado, let’s go over a few tips to improve the conversion rates of your Google ads.

Consider Including Prices in Your Ads

One of the smartest things you can do to increase your conversion rates on PPC Google ads is to add pricing into the ad. If your ads contain the price of your product or service, there is a better chance that only people who are comfortable with the cost will click and go further.


Sure, less people might click on the ad overall, but that isn’t always a bad thing. Every time someone clicks on a PPC ad, you need to pay for it. If only 2 out of 100 convert, you paid for 98 clicks that got you nowhere. If people already know the price, they will generally only click when they have some real interest, and your conversion rate should generally be higher as more of those clicking will buy.

Have Better Calls to Action

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Another tip is to improve your calls to action (CTA). Simply asking someone to complete a desired action is often enough to get them to do it. Now, a lot can go into a good call to action. First of all, the call to action should be direct, and not try to be subtle or slick about what you want the individual to do.


It is best to use action phrases and/or command verbs in your CTAs. This can include buy, shop, order, download, tag, share, subscribe or many others. Also, if you can minimize distractions, it can go a long way in improving CTAs. If you overload ads with too much information, it can overwhelm people. The ads should quickly explain what you can offer, provide some value and then a CTA for them to complete a desired action.

Utilize Remarketing

If you are not taking advantage of remarketing (or retargeting), you are not getting the most of your ads. The idea of remarketing is to target those who have shown an interest in what you have to offer. Maybe they clicked an ad, had items in their shopping cart, visited your site or interacted with you on social media.


If someone clicks on your ad or takes another step to show interest, but doesn’t convert, don’t give up on them immediately. Retargeting them at a different time or on a different site can draw them back in and help them finally make a purchase. This gives you a second chance to improve your conversion rate and reach out to them at a different time or on a different platform.

Get Specific With Your Keywords

As you know, the keywords you use in your ad copy and on your landing page can be critical to how successful an ad is. While all keywords can have their place and benefits, it is often a better idea to focus on specific keywords.


If you rank for general keywords, you might get a lot of traffic, but your conversions will be lower and thus, your ad spend won’t be going as far as it could have. The keywords you use should specifically relate to your business or ad, and should be search terms your target audience use.


In conclusion, we hope the tips we have provided are able to help you improve your Google Ads conversion rates.