7 Stats to Improve Your 2021 Marketing Strategy

Numbers don’t lie, these stats should motivate you, here’s where you should focus your efforts to improve your 2021 marketing strategy.

7 Stats to Improve Your 2021 Marketing Strategy

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Social media networks are growing at a fast pace around every corner of the world. As the world is dealing with pandemics and worldwide lockdown, social media has proved to be an efficient tool of communication as well as entertainment. 

Social media offers an ultimate platform for marketers to get massive engagement and brand visibility channeling overall brand growth. However, with so many tactics and tools out there, online marketing can be intimidating. 

That’s why we bringing this post, showing you some important marketing tactics, which will help you better your 2021 marketing strategy. 

Get your SEO right

Whether it’s shopping, reading informational content and wiki feeds, scrolling images or videos, search engine Google is an ocean of information and data. With an abundance of information, people now use search engines more than ever. In fact, as per Bright Edge, 68% of users say that they start their online experience with search engines. 

SEO has remained an important aspect of marketing, benefiting millions of online business, and eCommerce platforms. Although it takes a while to get the desired result from seo, it is an ever-growing marketing method that will continue being a hit in 2021.

Some of the major elements of SEO that helps boost your online presence: 

  • Create compelling content: Regular updating information blogs, news and product updates on websites will help existing customers keep coming to your site. 
  • Keyword Optimization: It is a practice of writing content using selected words that are more relevant for users to search. 
  • Crawl accessibility: Search engines do ‘crawling’ to check your site’s information with which they determine it’s relevancy. 
  • Sharable content: Great content are those who are easy to understand and get high share. In order to maximize reach you should publish shareable content on your sites, this includes eBooks, whitepapers, reports, webinars, podcasts, short videos, images and graphics etc.  

Produce more video 

You may have noticed, Social media feeds’ floating with video content. Videos are one of the most engaging marketing tactics on digital medium that will continue to grow in 2021.  Below given statistics show how useful video content can be for your business:

  • Over 83% of online marketers have claimed they are able to generate leads from video content. 
  • 93% of businesses are able to gain new consumers by posting ads on social media channels.
  • 84% of online users stated they made a call to buy products after watching a video.
  • Over 95% of marketers stated they get a better understanding of their company’s products and services with video ads. 

When it comes to creating video content, there are a plethora of methods you can try. This includes animations, promotions ads, gifs, talking heads and what not. Also, you don’t necessarily have to spent a lot of budget on video creation or production. You can create a high impact with a minimum amount if it consists of appealing content. 

Customer service is key

For any business to flourish customer trust is very important. People will always prefer a brand that they know and trust. Customer service is the key to build stronger relationships with your target audience. As per a report by smallbizgenius.net over 73% percent of consumers stick with brands with great customer service.

Here are a few tips which will help you plan customer service efficiently for your business:

  • Think of yourself as a customer to determine the quality of customer service you are offering, is it good enough? 
  • Inherit customer service truly into your system and don’t just for the sake of doing it. 
  • Create a customer service policy for your company that comprises the do’s and don’ts of how consumers will be treated.
  • Along with appreciating positive remarks, you should accept negative remarks as it will allow you to make required amendments in your business. 
  • Offer customer service  from the initial enquiry to after sales.

Creating inbound links

Another important marketing tip that will prevail in 2021 is inbound links. Getting your site linked on popular and reputed websites will be highly beneficial to your business. However, most businesses are not able to implement the right strategy. As per a report by Altimeter over 70% of marketers don’t cover the key aspect of inbounding content.

To receive a high number of links from well-known sites, you have to upgrade your SEO and also create top-notch quality content considering your target audience. 

Time and bandwidth are still in short supply

All these marketing strategies contribute to the growth of business but only when it is executed regularly in a timely manner.  41% of businesses claim they fail in getting the right time and bandwidth for impactful business strategies. 

Hence you should be looking for tools that help you have better bandwidth for daily marketing. Tools like SproutSocial, Buffer, Hootsuite, SocialBakers, etc can simplify and automate daily marketing tasks. With these tools to get the certainty that your messages are conveyed to the right people in a short time. 

Also the tools will help you save valuable time, so you can now focus on important work like monitoring insights and helping your team outside of marketing. Investing on Social media management platforms brings a plethora of features that allows an efficient market and saves you from daunting tasks. Most of these tools come with free trials, which offers substantial time to make a judgement.

Influencer strategies

As per a survey conducted by Viral Nation and Neo Reach, ROI of influencer marketing is nearly £6 every time you spent £1. Infact, in some cases the cost can reach upto £20 or more. Influencer marketing which flourished between 2017-2019 timeline, will also be one of the powerful tools in 2021 with the adverse use of social media channels. 

50% of marketers share that customers gained through influencer have stayed longer with the brand. Such audiences are also likely to spend more which increased the  high average order value-AOV.  These consumers will share their experience on an online medium getting you more leads. 

According to a survey done by influencers Marketing Hub, over 63% of businesses who invest in influence marketing are willing to increase their spending within a year.

Many have the misconception that Influencer marketing is celebrating promoting brand products or people with tremendous followers. But that’s only one aspect of Influencers marketing. 

Niche companies both B2B and B2C brands are now investing ‘micro-influencers’ who are experts within their industry. These influences have the right skill and knowledge to have a significant impact on the audience. Studies show that micro-influences have 41.7% high engagement rate. 

Email marketing still works

With the growth of social media and other popular online channels, users have shifted their attention from email marketing. However email marketing is still an efficient marketing tool channeling leads and conversion. 

On average promotional email, content gets  22%  open rate and 3% click through rate. To get started with email marketing, you must first start with building an email list. Next categorize your list as per audience categories and strategize your ad campaigns. Execute and develop your campaign on a regular measure. Lastly, don’t forget to monitor your strategies. Check how much engagement you are able to create and leverage the data in improvising and improving your strategies. 


Although we can not predict the future, we can analyze our past marketing tactics and incorporate efficient plans. We hope this blog will be of assistancein your 2021 marketing strategy, for any further queries feel free to connect with us.