How to Improve Students Blogs Conversion Rates

Students Blogs, whether they are targeted towards students or blogs run by students, all seek to improve conversion rates when it comes to their goals.

How to Improve Students Blogs Conversion Rates


As the internet of things (IoT) continues to expand the education sphere, both students and teachers are able to interact via multiple online platforms and channels. It isn’t just going to be about conversing in a social media class page or group. Blogs have become an increasingly popular way to dispense knowledge. And with studies showing that students spend hours online looking for information related to fashion, entertainment, education, digital books, libraries and project writers, it is imperative that bloggers weigh into these issues, then with the help of web analytics, narrow down to the most important aspects that will help improve their CRO marketing goals.

This post emphasizes how to improve conversion rates in blogs that target students. However, before looking at the details, let me explain a few things about, conversion rates and blogging.

What is a Conversion?

According to Hubspot marketing, blog conversion is all about making sure those who visit your website, in this case, are doing what you intended for them.

While it is noteworthy that such actions do not necessarily need to culminate into a purchase, email subscriptions, account sign-ups, blog follows app downloads and even successfully survey by those who visit a post all point at the bigger picture.

It is to say, the ultimate goal is having page visitors do any if not all the above. In the end, everything amounts to a conversation, which is an important traffic metric for bloggers.

Conversation Rate Optimization (CRO)

Web content optimization remains a key factor and is here to say, but when it comes to making sure that those who land on your website via organic search or social media leads do what you want comes down to CRO. It looks into a number of factors, and to companies, blogs that convert are the ultimate wish for every online business.

Technically, the intention of businesses that own websites with separate blog section is to convert page visitors into loyal customers. It is another way of looking at CRO. As soon as page visits convert into sales leads, it is time to infuse Conversion Rate Optimization. At this stage, it is important to look into the following issues:

  • Web copy optimization.
  • Content segmentation.
  • Page visit channels.
  • The rate of cart abandonment.
  • Customer feedback/surveys.

Now, before looking at how to achieve higher conversion rates in student blogs using CRO marketing approach, consider websites that let students use foreign exchange tools, and the amount of traffic they get every day. There is no doubt that every page visitor ends up using the currency converter, which is the intended action. And so, you may want to ask, what other strategies do such websites use to remain on top of the game, in spite of equally competitive players existing in the market?

Tips for improving conversation rates on students blogs

If you conduct a web search for a reputable essay writing service in the UK, chances are always that Google will pull up the best ones such as edubirdie in the first page of search engines results pages (SERPs). The point here is that there are many such websites that provide students with custom paper writing help, some of which you may never come across.

The question is how does CRO help them retain a high and better ranking value of the web? Apart from that, how do they make sure students who land on their pages perform actions such as ordering for papers, which is real conversion into a sale? Well, that is probably a marketing model you would want to pursue, but still, it isn’t going to be the only one.

Take a look at the following tips for improving conversion on students blogs:

·      Give page visitors an opportunity to learn

Blogs that only bombard visitors with tons of information with the intention to teach are always going to die a natural death when no one is viewing content anymore. It means if your website targets students, one way of making sure the traffic that comes your way doesn’t go to waste, and instead end up in successful conversions is by offering an opportunity to educate. This way, they will keep coming for more in the hope that something new is going to go live.

·      Content segmentation

You may be running a website of all sorts, but it doesn’t mean losing out on students who visit your page is an option. Coming up with a section for academics and students tips is going to do the magic, and sooner than later, page visits will be turning into successful sales leads such as book purchases.

·      Real-time Live messages

When starting a blog for students, one of the things you need to take into consideration is that they are a curious lot. And to tap into this, and possibly convert their intentions into purchases, signups, and subscriptions, live page visit messaging tool is going to turn real-time blog conversions into conversion. This works well on pages that are experiencing high traffic.

·      Optimize content

On-site SEO is not going away any time soon. Well, tapping into curiosity or interest of students who visit your blog and turning them into successful leads for sales team also involves content optimization. There are many strategies for SEO, apart from internal linking. By linking poorly performing content to highly ranked pages after SEO analysis, there are high chances that the pages with improved content will start performing better.

·      Focus on engaging page visitors

There are many ways of going about this. For example, page reels, call to action, and highly engaging content is always most likely going to convert into sales. Move away from boring your readers with huge text blocks providing no real value to something that triggers an action such as wanting to buy a self-help eBook you are making the website.